Watch the video below as Dan walks you through submitting a warranty.



Warranty Submission Rules

  • All Warranties must be registered prior to mailing – this includes dealer/distributor submissions. If you do not register your warranty, it will be declined in the event efforts to contact you fail.
  • Multiple products may be registered under the same RMA number (10 Max).
  • Decoders, Motherboards, and Keep Alive® are covered under a ONE YEAR “goof-proof” warranty which covers manufacturer defects, burns, shorts, physical damage, and operator error. The decoder will be repaired or replaced within one year of manufacturing even if the operator accidentally damages it.
  • Decoders determined to be out of warranty (CVs 250, 251, and 252 read to be more than 1 year from date of submission) will be charged an upgrade fee.
  • Non-sound decoders determined to be outside of the warranty period may be replaced for $16 USD.
  • TCS will honor the warranty on decoders determined to be out-of-warranty IF a valid receipt of purchase within the last 90 days can be provided. The replacement fee will be waived in the event a valid receipt can be provided.
  • Do not include harnesses or Keep Alive® units with your decoder unless you are submitting a warranty on a Keep Alive® product.
  • Products submitted may NOT be exchanged for different types of products unless the product submitted has a newer revision or has been made obsolete.

Warranty Submission Process

  • If you are unsure if your decoder is damaged, or have any questions regarding its performance, you can follow our Troubleshooting Guide or contact tech support at: Phone: 267-733-3408
  • If you are not a registered customer, use the "Register" button to Create an Account and enter your information.
  • Enter your e-mail address on the registration page.
  • Select the number of products being submitted (10 max per RMA).
  • Use the drop-downs to select the Scale and Product Type.
  • If you are including a motherboard in your return please submit it as a separate product for accuracy in warranty tracking.
  • For sound decoders, an upgrade option is available. You must select either YES or NO. This is completely optional, and the fee for an upgrade is $25 USD plus return shipping. Please note that Version 4 is the latest version, and would not be eligible for an upgrade. Regardless of this fact, you must make a selection YES or NO.
  • Version 3 and older decoders are no longer covered under warranty by TCS.
  • Use the drop-downs to indicate if burn damage occurred and which functionality failed.
  • Enter a short description of the conditions surrounding the failure in the comments section. If you are submitting a locomotive, please note all relevant information such as model manufacturer, loco type, and road number.
  • When all fields have been filled, the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page will become clickable.
  • After pressing “Submit” you will be re-directed to a page with your Returning Materials Authorization (RMA) number. This page must be printed and included in its entirety with the items for return. We recommend keeping an additional copy for your records.
  • If you are submitting an upgrade, the email confirmation page is to be submitted instead of the typical RMA form. It is not necessary to fill out a warranty RMA on upgrades or warranty upgrades.
  • You will receive automatic updates from our system via email throughout the process. Examples include date of receival, repairs/replacement processed, and return shipping confirmation.

Proper Packaging Techniques

  • Decoders MUST be shipped in a small box – no envelopes.
  • Warranties are to be shipped to the P.O. Box listed on the RMA form which is also listed on the Contact page of our website.
  • The entire RMA form must be included with the decoder.


Submit a Warranty