Updating TCS WiFi Devices Using TCS D.E.P.O.T.

NOTE: This page includes images of a program which is currently under active development by TCS, and does not necessarily represent the final product.

How to install the update

!!!Important!!! Read this section carefully before continuing.

You must have the most recent version of TCS D.E.P.O.T. installed on your computer to download and install this update into your device. If you do not have the program installed, you can Download D.E.P.O.T. by Clicking HERE. Even if you already have the program installed, it needs to be updated to the latest version in order for the firmware update process to work properly. Re-download and install the program before continuing. Note: If during the installation progress the installer reports that Bonjour SDK was corrupted, select the "repair" option to continue and proceed as normal.

If you are using a Mac or Linux computer, CLICK HERE for alternative instructions, as the D.E.P.O.T. tool is not yet officially available for these platforms.

Once you have installed D.E.P.O.T., launch the program and Log In using your TCS User Credentials. Note that the TCS website and D.E.P.O.T. use separate login credentials than those you use when shopping with us. If you have not yet created those new login credentials, click HERE. The new patch file(s) will not become available until you Log In. To Log In, click the "Log In" button (which can sometimes also display as your username) and enter your username and password. It is good practice to Log In every time you launch D.E.P.O.T.

NOTE: Your login credentials for TCS D.E.P.O.T. are not the same as the credentials used to shop with TCS. These accounts are separate.

Log In to DEPOT

It is recommended that you observe the battery level in your UWT-100 before starting the update process. If your indicator shows less than 25-50% remaining, replace your batteries as a precaution.

To install the update onto your UWT-100, follow these steps:

  1. Launch TCS D.E.P.O.T. and Log In
  2. Press and hold any button for three seconds to wake up the throttle
  3. If this is the first time you are updating your throttle, press Button 2 to complete the booting process.
    If you have already connected to TCS D.E.P.O.T in the past, or you use the same WiFi for your trains and your computer, power down your throttle and skip to Step 7.
  4. Navigate to "6 Network Options" via the menu.
  5. Connect the UWT-100 to the same WiFi network you will be using to update the throttle. (This will be the same network your computer running D.E.P.O.T. is connected to.) If necessary, create a new profile for this network. If you are normally using LNWI/MRC-Wi/WifiTrax-NCE devices, power those down. If during your normal operations you use the same WiFi to which your D.E.P.O.T computer is connected to (typical for JMRI users), you do not need to set up a new network profile.
  6. Once the throttle has successfully connected to the network you will be using to update via D.E.P.O.T., power down the throttle.
  7. Launch TCS D.E.P.O.T., select Update Firmware>Update Throttle, and follow the on-screen instructions for updating a throttle.
    DEPOT - Follow Steps


  8. Wake the throttle up again
  9. Press Button 7 to boot the throttle into "bootloader mode." Do NOT press button 2.
  10. Select update "UWT-100 R(x.y)" via the drop-down
    DEPOT - Select Firmware

    Shown below is a patch file which has been loaded and ready to be used to update:

    DEPOT - Firmware Loaded
  11. If your throttle is connected to D.E.P.O.T. the throttle will display "Connected to LCC" and D.E.P.O.T. will report your throttle ID number if the connection is successful. Please allow up to 2 minutes for the connection to complete (this is an extreme for very slow networks and old computers. A normal connection should only take a few seconds). If this process continues to fail, ensure both the throttle and the computer being used to update your throttle are connected to the same WiFi.
    DEPOT - Throttle Found

    You may be presented with an option to manually enter the IP address and Port number if the connection is not automatically found. This information is displayed on the throttle screen, and can be entered manually to make the connection.

    DEPOT - Manual IP
  12. Press "Write" to begin the updating process. The throttle will blink and the bar in DEPOT will scroll as the update progresses. Once the update is complete, DEPOT will confirm and your throttle will automatically reboot.
    DEPOT- Write Complete


If you encounter issues during the updating process, follow these troubleshooting steps before contacting TCS technical support:
  1. Ensure your throttle is connected to the same network as the computer you will be using to update it.
  2. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the most recent version of D.E.P.O.T.
  3. Make sure you Log In every time you launch D.E.P.O.T.
  4. Ensure JMRI is not running a WiThrottle Server.
  5. Verify that the WiFi name displayed on the throttle in Bootloader Mode is the same as the WiFi name that your computer is connected to.
  6. Ensure that TCS D.E.P.O.T. has permission to pass through the OEM firewall on your device (Windows Defender, etc.)
  7. If you are running an add-on or additional antivirus software program on your computer, you must allow D.E.P.O.T. to pass through.
    - There is a clear indication if this is your issue. If after clicking through all four steps of the Throttle Update the boxes move upward and nothing appears below, this is a result of the LCC server failing to start. The LCC server may be denied permission to start because of a Firewall or antivirus software.
  8. Replace your batteries before attempting to perform the update again.

If you have continuing problems in downloading patch files, even if you are Logged In, re-download and re-install D.E.P.O.T.
When prompted with options to Repair or Remove the software, select Repair.

If you are having connectivity problems between your UWT-100 and D.E.P.O.T. (even if your throttle reports that it is connected), perform the following steps in order:
  1. Reboot your throttle (press 9 while in Bootloader Mode to exit into standard operation mode. Power Down again, then reboot into the Bootloader Mode again)
  2. If Step 1 does not work alone, click "Return To TCS DEPOT" in the top left, and start the process over from the beginning.
  3. If Step 2 does not work again, repeat Step 1 after performing Step 2. Note: Your throttle should not be turned on until you are prompted to do so in D.E.P.O.T.

Note: If you use JMRI and have an LCC and/or WiThrottle server running, stop the server(s) or Quit JMRI before updating any devices using D.E.P.O.T.