TCS Command Station

Command Station

This product is currently under development. The feature list below is not complete, and images may not accurately represent the final product.

The Upcoming TCS Command Station is the perfect solution for running an intelligent, integrated model railroad layout. The unit uses WiFi communication for throttle control and other devices. Wirelessly connect to JRMI to configure your command station and decoders. Utilize built-in LCC communication for advanced railroading operations. Use the TCS Universal WiFi throttle or cross-compatible equipment from different manufacturers, including wired throttles. 

JMRI Integration
With the TCS command station at your disposal, integration with JMRI has never been easier. You can load your roster from JMRI, including custom names and information given to locomotives within JRMI, and they will display on your throttle. You can use JMRI PanelPro to configure settings for your TCS Command Station and Universal WiFi Throttle. You can further set up and maintain custom configurations for different connection modes.

Programming Options
Take advantage of several different programming options with the TCS Command Station. Use OPS programming mode on the mainline, RailCom programming on the mainline, or use an isolated programming track. When locomotives are being programmed, the throttle displays CV information down to the individual bit giving users the ability to customize their CVs and manipulate them at the bit level. This opens up a world of custom programming options.

LCC Integration
LCC Bus connections on the command station allow for direct interfacing with LCC layout devices and modules. You can communicate with any LCC system to control switches, adjust layout lighting, and anything else that the LCC bus is connected to.

RailCom Integration
RailCom enables bi-directional communication between the command station and decoders. This allows for read-back of CVs while programming on the mainline. The inclusion of RailCom opens up significant opportunities for future features and expansion.

The TCS Command Station is cross-compatible with current hardware from other manufacturers. It currently includes NCE cab bus ports that are compatible with the Power Cab and Pro Cab and also supports NCE wireless throttles.

Note: This unit does not require a booster for programming operations.

Command Station Slim Design


This Command Station works seamlessly with our upcoming TCS Universal WiFi Throttle and Mini-Throttle

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