TCS Chuffinity


Train Control Systems is proud to announce a brand-new, industry-leading feature: CHUFFINITY™️

For years, sound decoders have used the same methods to try and replicate the glory of steam powered locomotives. These methods always resulted in the same, tired chuffs played over and over again in sequence. We will no longer settle for that! TCS is bringing a brand new, exclusive steam sound to the market in WOWSteam - Chuffinity!

Chuffinity is unlike any other method of playing chuff sounds found on any decoder to date, including previous TCS decoders. Rather than playing back repetitive "chunks" of four chuffs, Chuffinity chuffs pull from a batch of anywhere between 300 and 1000 unique, individual chuffs. Instead of a few lonely, infinitely repeated chuff sounds, TCS records a prodigious number of chuffs, in CD-quality, and utilizes them all! Even compared to previous chuff sets available from TCS, Chuffinity chuff sets include at least 10 times more chuffs, equaling nearly 1000 individual chuffs or more!

Coupled with TCS’ industry-leading, intelligent, load and grade sensing Back-EMF algorthm, chuffs will vary in character, volume, and intensity in prototypical fashion unlike any other decoder on the market to date. TCS WOWSteam with Chuffinity presents the most realistic steam sound experience to match your operations and environment every time all the time.

As always, with all TCS WOWSound decoders, all chuffs and other sounds are CD-Quality through-and-through. Chuffinity also incorporates a new method of audio recording and mastering before even being put into a decoder. Thanks to brand new audio editing techniques and playback algorithm, Chuffinity also provides a smoother, more realistic sound at high-speed, preventing the “helicopter-effect” present in other decoders. The decoder will no longer start to "step all over itself" at high speeds, as you could observe in previous decoders, or decoders from other manufacturers.

Chuffinity was originally introduced, and can be found in many new Bachmann Trains locomotives, such as the 2020 run of the HO-scale Russian Decapod, the On30-scale 2-6-2 Baldwin "Trench" locomotive, and 2022 run of the HO-scale Pennsylvania K4.

Effective January of 2022, Chuffinity is available on all TCS WOWSteam decoders

TCS WOWSound Chuffinity Infographic
Don’t settle for the same, tired clatter of chuffs over and over again. Give your locomotives the authentic sound they deserve, only with TCS WOWSteam with Chuffinity!