TCS Chuffinity


We are proud to announce a brand-new, industry-leading feature from Train Control Systems: TCS CHUFFINITY™️

For years, sound decoders have used the same tired chuffs played over and over again to represent the mighty sound of steam. We won’t settle for that. TCS is bringing calibrated load-based chuff intensity to the WOWSteam platform to unleash the full dynamic range of chuff sounds for your locomotives!

Instead of a few lonely, infinitely repeated, and highly-compressed chuff sounds, TCS records a multitude of chuffs in CD-quality and utilizes them all! Coupled with our intelligent load and grade sensing from TCS’ famous Back-EMF, chuffs will vary in character, volume, and intensity in prototypical fashion. Featuring a tenfold increase in the number of chuff sounds per locomotive over previous WOWSteam offerings, WOWSteam with Chuffinity creates diverse, realistic sounds to match your operations and environment every time. This new method also provides a more realistic sound at high-speed, preventing the “helicopter-effect” present in other decoders. 

This feature is not yet present on TCS WOWSound decoders but will be available in the upcoming Trench Locomotive and 2-10-2 Decapod releases from Bachmann Trains.

Don’t settle for the same tired chuffs over and over again. Give your locomotives the dynamic sound they deserve with TCS WOWSound!

TCS WOWSound Chuffinity Infographic