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    The CS-105 is an intelligently-designed DCC command station with LCC integration as well as a built-in RailCom® detector. Thoughtfully designed to outperform in every area, the CS-105 is the perfect DCC command station for newcomers, or layout builders or renovators looking for a highly-capable command station with the latest and greatest technology available.

    The CS-105 Command Station from TCS is the new DCC standard for model railroads. This system brings a new level of operational convenience to DCC, especially when paired with a UWT-100. The CS-105 also features a wide range of new features compared to the competition. "Soft Start" as well as configurable short circuit detection for the mainline track output decreases the likelihood of burning up fouled decoders as well. Instead of spending time with your head in a manual trying to understand your system, you can consult the intuitive configuration interface of the CS-105 through a TCS throttle such as the UWT-100, allowing you to focus on the important things - operating and enjoying your trains! We are confident that the CS-105 will quickly become your favorite command station to use.

    Also included in the package with the CS-105, power supply, and AC cord are two LCC terminators, detachable track power connector, and detachable programming track connector.

    This product has two Power Supply options: 12 Volts or 15 Volts
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    12V Power Supply 15V Power Supply

    Power Supply Selection: When selecting a power supply voltage, you choice should depend on two factors: 1) Modeling Scale 2) Maximum loco speed. For smaller scales such as Z, N, TT, etc., the 12V supply is recommended. The 12V supply is also acceptable for larger scales such as HO; however, if you like to run your trains at higher speeds the 15V supply increases the maximum voltage available to the motor, allowing your models to reach higher top speeds. This is particularly beneficial to modelers of bullet trains and other high-speed passenger services. Both power supply options are rated to supply the CS-105 with up to 5 Amperes of continuous current all day long!

    Small Package; Big Power
    The CS-105 is not only feature-packed, but also highly capable with plenty of horsepower for your railroad. The CS-105 has a user-configurable short circuit protection algorithm and current limit up to 5 Amperes. Unlike many systems on the market, when we say "5A continuous" we mean it! The CS-105 can supply up to 5 Amperes of current to your railroad all day and all night long. The CS-105 can also simultaneously operate up to 260 individual locomotives (consisted or solo) thanks to a highly-intelligent packet handler and "stack" management algorithm.

    Auxiliary Boosters
    5 Amps not enough? We understand. That's why we offer auxiliary boosters such as the B-106! Expand out your current capacity while maintaining your RailCom® network using the LCC-enabled B-106 auxiliary booster. Already have a large layout with boosters you don't want to upgrade yet? No problem! The CS-105 can be integrated into existing ecosystems such as Lenz, NCE, Digitrax, and more using our Booster Adapter (sold separately).

    Multiple Connection Modes
    The CS-105 can be used as a standalone access point for WiFi throttles such as the UWT-50, but can also connect to an auxiliary AP (router) to expand the network and maximum number of throttle connections. In addition to WiFi throttles, wired throttles such as the LT-50 and T-50 wired LCC throttles can be connected through the LCC Can Bus. But that's not all! The "Aux Cabs" jack on the CS-105 allows you to connect and use some other manufacturers' throttles (such as NCE, Ramtraxx, SystemOne, and more) with the CS-105. Add-on devices such as the "LCC-LocoNet Gateway" from RR-CirKits can also be used to interface Digitrax throttles and a PC.

    Consisting doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating, or complicated! The CS-105 features a simple consisting interface where users can make, modify, and break up consists in mere seconds. The CS-105's consisting system also features new and unique configuration options for consisted engines which will make your consisting experience more realistic than ever without having to spend hours setting it up!

    Full-Text Menus
    The settings of the CS-105 can be accessed through a TCS throttle or JMRI. Configuration menus and options are listed in full words and phrases. No guess work or manuals needed! Use the [?] button on the TCS throttle keypad in any menu to access help text for that menu item. The throttle will display a simple description of the highlighted option. Help is always one button press away!

    Easily Updatable
    Field-update your software to add new features to your command station from the comfort of your own home. And don't worry, you won't lose your settings or your roster!

    (WxHxD) 5.9"x1.18"x3.94" (150mm x 30mm x 100mm)
    Communication Type(s)
    SystemOne/NCE CabBus/Ramtraxx
    XpressNet®/Lenz/Roco/ZTC (In development)
    Wireless Range
    ~100ft (AP)
    Communication Protocol(s)
    Layout Command Control (LCC)
    TCS Universal WiFi Throttle (WiFi)
    LCC CAN-bus (RJ-45)
    Auxiliary Cab Bus (RJ-11)
    Power Source
    12V/90W or 15V/90W

    CS-105 Warranties, Parts, And Service

    Train Control Systems, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date.

    Spare parts, such as case components and power supplies can be purchased directly from TCS by visiting our shopping site under the category "Command Stations and Boosters"

    Before submitting a warranty claim, TCS highly recommends contacting our Technical Support staff first to ensure that there is indeed a problem with the device which requires in-house service by TCS repair technicians. For warranty returns of non-functional or genuinely defective items, please submit an Returning Materials Authorization (RMA) request via our warranty page tcsdcc.com/warranty. Replacements or repairs for damage due to gross negligence and/or physical damage are NOT covered for free under warranty by TCS.