28mm Round

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    As the flagship speaker for the WOWSound decoder we took painstaking care in bringing to market these 28mm (1.1") speakers. These speakers sound richer and fuller than any other decoder speaker on the market. Pick one up and find out how great your WOWSound can really sound!

    1.1" diameter x 0.18" or 28mm diameter x 4.6mm
    Sound Pressure Level
    92 ± 3.0 dB(A), at: 0.5 W, 10 cm, Average 800, 1,000, 1,200, and 1,500 (Hz )
    Effective Frequency Band
    550 Hz. to 5,000 Hz.
    Power Rating
    1.5W (Typical) 2.0W (Peak)
    DC Impedance
    8 Ω ± 15%, at 1.0 V 1,000 Hz.