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This auxiliary decoder tester board adds additional connectors to your TCS Decoder Tester. Simply plug the head pins from the DT-AUX into the screw terminals on the decoder tester and you are ready to use the additional connectors. 

Additional connections included for your decoder:

  • T-Series JST (9-Pin JST)
  • FL2 JST (6-Pin JST)
  • MC JST (7-Pin JST)
  • WOW101 Aux Harness
  • Keep Alive® (Input)
  • Speaker (Input)
3.5" x 2" x 0.57" or 8.9cm x 5cm x 1.45cm

Decoder Tester — AUX Tester Diagram

1. 2-Pin, Keep Alive® — Connect an external Keep Alive® here for testing. The 12v+ (blue wire) should be connected to the left pin socket with the Ground (black w/ white stripe wire) on the right.

2. 9-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 9-Pin cable to connect any 9-Pin decoders (i.e. T1, KAT12).

3. 7-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 7-Pin cable to connect and test any 7-Pin decoders (i.e. MC2, MC4).

4. 6-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 6-Pin cable to test TCS FL2 decoders.

5. WOW101 Auxiliary Connector — Use this connector with the supplied cable to connect the speaker and additional lighting function outputs from a WOW101 to your decoder tester.

6. 2-Pin Speaker Connection — Use this 2 pin connector to connect a sound decoder to the speaker on the decoder tester.

7. Header — This array of header pins slips into the screw terminals on the TCS Decoder Tester. This board must be plugged into a decoder tester to work