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Gobble up These WOWSpeakers and Housings
You'll Be Thankful That You Did!

We have released an extensive collection of WOWSpeakers and custom housings covering almost any model sound application.
Visit our WOWSpeakers page here
to select the perfect speaker and housing for your next installation.

Coming Soon: Drop-In for Kato N-Scale ACS-64

The NEW Kato N-Scale ACS-64 is arriving and TCS is releasing the premier drop-in decoder for it.
Pre-order the upcoming K7D4 and enjoy superior performance in your brand new locomotive!

Looking for a WOWDiesel Demonstration Video?

While we have been hard at work cutting new sounds and preparing new product releases BradleyDCC on youtube has been putting together this EXCELLENT WOWDiesel demonstration video. This video features fantastic audio clarity, excellent video quality, and beautiful locomotives. Take a look for a demonstration of each of the new prime movers and don't forget to give BradleyDCC a "Like" and "Comment" for his great work!

Diesel Sound Set 2 with 8 Prime Movers in One Decoder Now Shipping!

Diesel Sound Set 2 Shipping

In addition to the original four EMD Prime Movers we are now adding: Alco 251, GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16. Also added are the GE "Whoop" compressor, Hancock Air Whistle, and an E-Bell.
Click Here for a Complete Sound Listing
New, Now Shipping!
Diesel WOW121 Decoder and Diesel WOWMotherboards with built-in Keep-Alive™

Use a TCS motherboard with built-in Keep-Alive™ and our WOW121 decoder for a simple installation. Simply remove the original lighting board, replace it with the WOWMotherboard (wired exactly the same as the original light board), and plug-in your WOW121-Diesel. You may need to install a speaker, depending on the locomotive, but all of the connections and power are handled cleanly and simply through the WOWMotherboard.
Click on any of the items above for more information!

Fits most Athearn Ready-To-Roll Diesel Locomotives --
Built-in 1.5v Regulator for use with the stock Athearn 1.5v Bulbs.
Also included are onboard current limit resistors for optional LED use.
Built-In motor clip for a simple slip on installation.
Click here to see this board installed in an Athearn SD45
KA2 Keep-Alive™
Fits most Athearn Genesis Diesel Locomotives --
Built-in 1.5v Regulator for use with the stock Athearn 1.5v Bulbs.
Also included are onboard current limit resistors for optional LED use.
This product will be shipping in Mid-September.
KA2 Keep-Alive™
Fits the Intermountain SD40-2 and Bowser C-636 + many more Built-In
KA2 Keep-Alive™
Fits the Intermountain ES44 and Bowser S12 + many more Built-In
KA2 Keep-Alive™

TCS WOWDiesel-EMD Demonstration and Preview Get the most of your WOWDiesel

Check out the video above to learn about auto-notching and calibration on the WOWDiesel. Wit a simple 2-step calibration you can have your locomotive auto-notching and running just like the demonstration units we use at our clinics and train shows!

New Decoder Tester from TCS
This premium decoder tester provides an easy way to test and program your decoder prior to installation.
Included on this tester are 8x LED's (with built-in resistors) for testing light functions, our top-of-the-line, 28mm WOWSpeaker for sound decoders, and an industry leading, 5-pole, Kato motor. Head over to product line section for more information.

Add the DT-AUX (sold seperately, picture below) for even more decoder connections!

Come see TCS at one of the upcoming shows!

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Online Guided Programming Tool
Looking to program features that aren't in Audio Assist™? Check out our Guided Programming Tool that makes programming your decoder as easy as navigating a menu!

Check Out the WOWSound Instructional Videos

Trains in the Congo!

Click the image above to head over to the Congo Train and Learn website to find out more about this non-profit layout going up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and join with TCS in making this dream a reality!

Check out our Installation Pictures section for hundreds
of DCC decoder installations in tons of HO-Scale, N-Scale, and Z-Scale locomotives!

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