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Get the most of your WOWDiesel

Check out the video above to learn about auto-notching and calibration on the WOWDiesel. With a simple 2-step calibration you can have your locomotive auto-notching and running just like the demonstration units we use at our clinics and train shows!

Wondering if the sound you are looking for is on the WOWDiesel? Check out the complete sound list.

TCS is delighted to announce the release of the WOWDiesel decoder. The WOWDiesel brings the same excellent, true CD quality audio, and rock solid performance from the WOWSteam decoder line while adding exciting new features just for diesel.  With traditional and prototype throttle modes, operational dynamic brakes, and Audio Assist™ for LIGHTING and SOUND programming WOWDiesel gets you running right away. Head over to the WOWSound section of our website for more information and check back often as we will be releasing demonstration videos, audio samples, and customer reviews over the next few weeks.

WOWMotherboards and WOWSpeakers from TCS!

WOWMotherboards WOWSpeakers WOW121-Steam Decoder
MSRP: $31.95 MSRP: $9.95 MSRP: $99.95
These revolutionary devices replace the original lighting board in the tender of a steam engine, provide Keep-Alive™, and allow for an easy direct plug-in of a WOW121 decoder (or other 21-Pin decoders). After extensive research we are bringing to market the two best speakers you will ever hear. Pick them up and find out how great your WOWSound can really sound! The WOW121-Steam decoder brings all the excellent performace from the WOW101-Steam along with a 21-Pin plug for direct plug installations in 21-Pin equipped locomotives or with a WOWMotherboard.

Drop-In for Kato N-Scale FEF 4-8-4 Now Shipping from TCS!

SKU: 1556 The K6D4 is a drop-in decoder for the Kato N Scale FEF. This decoder includes a built-in forward LED and 3 solder pads for additional lights. Included is our auto-adjusting BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance and hassle free set up. Also includes Quiet Drive for super quiet engine performance.

Come see TCS at one of the upcoming shows!

Train Show Location Date
The Model Train Show "Southern Digital" Booth
Cobb Galleria Center
Exhibit Hall A
2 Galleria Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339
March 14 & 15, 2015
10 AM to 5 PM
Thanks for visiting us at the Amherst Railroad Hobby Show!
Stay tuned for upcoming shows.

Come see us at a Clinic!
Clinic Location Date Notes
Thanks for coming out to the Amherst Railroad Hobby Show Clinics!
More clinics will be available soon

Now Shipping! New board replacement decoders in N and Z scale!

Micro-Trains SW1500 N-Scale

AZL GP38-2 Z-Scale

Now Shipping: MT1500

This 4-function, board replacement decoder for the N-Scale Micro-Trains SW1500 is anticipated in Q4 of 2014.
Order yours now!

Now Shipping: AZL4

This 4-function, board replacement decoder for the Z-Scale AZL diesel line (including, but not limited to the GP38-2) is anticipated in Q4 of 2014.
Order yours now!

Online Guided Programming Tool
Looking to program features that aren't in Audio Assist™? Check out our Guided Programming Tool that makes programming your decoder as easy as navigating a menu!

Check Out the WOWSound Instructional Videos

Trains in the Congo!

Click the image above to head over to the Congo Train and Learn website to find out more about this non-profit layout going up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and join with TCS in making this dream a reality!

Check out our Installation Pictures section for hundreds
of DCC decoder installations in tons of HO-Scale, N-Scale, and Z-Scale locomotives!

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