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Coming soon! New board replacement decoders in N and Z scale!

Micro-Trains SW1500 N-Scale

AZL GP38-2 Z-Scale


This 4-function, board replacement decoder for the N-Scale Micro-Trains SW1500 is anticipated in Q4 of 2014.
Pre-Order yours now!


This 4-function, board replacement decoder for the Z-Scale AZL diesel line (including, but not limited to the GP38-2) is anticipated in Q4 of 2014.
Pre-Order yours now!


Come see TCS at one of the upcoming shows!

Train Show Location Date
34th Annual Narrow Gauge Convention Kansas City, KS Sept. 4-6, 2014
Trainfest Milwaukee, WI Nov. 8 & 9 2014
Annual Oklahoma City Train Show Oklahoma City, OK Dec. 6 & 7, 2014

Or come see us at a hobby shop clinic!
Clinic Location Date

Have you heard our WOW101-Steam Decoder?
The WOW101 has extraordinary sound quality and sound functions in a slim package with a 9-Pin JST connector on the front and with an auxiliary 7-Pin harness on the rear. WOWSound decoders can be purchased with or without Keep Alive™. When purchasing with Keep Alive™ there is over a ten dollar savings from separately purchasing the WOW101 and the KA2 Keep Alive™. The WOWSound decoder price is $94.95 (SKU #1516). With Keep Alive™ it is the WOW101-KA $109.95 (SKU #1517), more than a ten dollar savings over purchasing separately!

Here's what customers are saying:

"Best sound decoder in the world!"

"TCS has set a new high standard in sound quality and features."

"Audio Assist™ is AMAZING! It is so easy now to set up sounds!"

"Adjusting the chuff timing with Audio Assist™ is so quick and easy it's a miracle!"

"The TCS dynamic chuffs add such realism any other brand is just boring."

"The sounds are so crisp and clear!"

"When I compare the TCS bells to other manufactures it sounds like the others are wrapped in duct tape."

"TCS Keep-Alive™ technology is awesome; I no longer have resetting sound decoder problems!"

Online Guided Programming Tool
Looking to program features that aren't in Audio Assist™? Check out our Guided Programming Tool that makes programming your decoder as easy as navigating a menu!

Check Out the WOWSound Instructional Videos

Trains in the Congo!

Click the image above to head over to the Congo Train and Learn website to find out more about this non-profit layout going up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and join with TCS in making this dream a reality!

Check out our Installation Pictures section for hundreds
of DCC decoder installations in tons of HO-Scale, N-Scale, and Z-Scale locomotives!

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