Now Shipping! Six New WOWDiesel Prime Movers

new prime movers have arrived


We are very excited to release six new and very much in-demand prime movers!


These include a GEVO, ALCO 539-T, and four Baldwins. Chances are, if you've ordered a WOWDiesel decoder in the last week, you will already find these on your decoder! All decoders leaving the facility from this point forward will be loaded with these new sounds. Don't miss your chance to play with a WOWSound GEVO or 539-T - get some decoders on order today!

In addition to the six new prime movers, we also included some other useful sounds like horns and bells. Check out the full list:

Prime Mover Sound List


Hear these prime movers in action! We showcased the Startup Sequence, Idle, Notch 4 and Notch 8 sounds - as well as their intermediate transitions - in the video below:

Follow this link to view the entire list of available sounds on WOWDiesel decoders!

Head to our Shop to pick up some updated WOWDiesel Version 4 decoders to outfit your fleet of Baldwins, GEVOs and more!

Prime Movers Update



Don't worry - we won't leave you behind! We are offering upgrades to current Version 4 decoders for customers. Please visit our Warranty page and register your decoder for this upgrade. Please note: A $25 upgrade fee and shipping fees apply.