UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle

TCS has been on quite the adventure over the last 20 years. Decoders have always been our specialty, especially HO-scale WOWSound, but we don't want to "get comfortable" and stay on the path we've always traveled. As we've continued to innovate in this space and make improvements to our high-quality decoders, an increasing number of customers have expressed their concern and frustration about the lack of new technology from DCC systems and throttle producers. We've even endured the occasional earful about "how I would do things differently if I could make the decisions."  After years of research and development, of creative collaboration, of identifying the good and replacing the bad - we're proud to announce that we've finally developed our own handheld throttle device that is quite unlike any other before it. 

Every detail of this handheld has been rigorously researched and thoroughly tested. Soft, smooth buttons are laid out in an intuitive way to promote heads-up, eyes-free locomotive operation. Buttons also operate silently and showcase easily-recognizable printed symbols. 8 of the buttons are programmable and be assigned any function. The large, brightly backlit, and transflective LCD screen displays menu options in "plain English" and at a large font size for easy reading. 

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UWT-100 introduction


UWT-100 in use

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UWT-100 ergonomics


UWT-100 convienience

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UWT-100 Universal


UWT-100 Upgradable with DEPOT software

Interested in giving the TCS DEPOT tool a try? Head over to the DEPOT page to learn more and download a copy for yourself.

We offered an informational session about the UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle at the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show in January of 2020. Get the inside scoop by watching the video below. To watch on YouTube, click the play button and then click the YouTube icon to open the video in the YT interface.

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The TCS Universal WiFi Throttle works seamlessly with our upcoming Command Station and Mini-Throttle. 
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