Recording Trip: SC-44 Chargers in Colorado

TCS and Bachmann Trains recently took a trip to the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) in Pueblo, Colorado, where we worked directly with Siemens Mobility to record the Siemens SC-44 Charger locomotive for the upcoming Bachmann Trains release.

Imagine an "Area 51" for locomotives - a secured Federal facility that is off-limits to the general public, and full of trains. That's TTCI. It's essentially a high-tech research and testing facility in the middle of the Colorado plains that serves customers like GE, Siemens, TTX, and more. The 50 miles of track that surround the facility enables TTCI to conduct experiments and safety tests in an isolated area full of cutting-edge tech. 

After touching down in Denver, CO, we made our way to Pueblo to prepare for our recording tip. We arrived at TTCI at the break of dawn to begin recording. Both days were bright and sunny, with temperatures that ranged from 95-103℉ in the sun. The first day of recording was also punctuated with a massive thunderstorm that rolled on in and dumped rain for about 30 minutes. The second day was hotter and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Despite the weather conditions, the recording sessions went very well. With the help of our Siemens Engineer and TTCI Hosts, TCS was able to secure an abundance of interesting audio material.

We are incredibly grateful for the assistance of Siemens and TTCI in securing these high-quality recordings, and for the assistance of Bachmann's own Larry Harrington throughout this process as well.

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Recap Video

Take a look at some of our behind-the-scenes photos below:

SC-44 Charger at TTCI Colorado


SC-44 Chargers at TTCI Colorado


TCS Crew at TTCI Colorado SC-44 Charder


TCS Crew at TTCI recording Siemens SC-44 Charger


TCS and Bachmann crew with the SC-44 Charger

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