New WOWKit - WDK-WAL-2

A new WOWKit is available in the WOWDiesel line of kits - the WDK-WAL-2 - TCS Part Number 1789

WDK-WAL-2 stands for "WOWSound Diesel Kit (for) Walthers Locomotives (kit number) 2.

The WAL-2 kit was purpose-designed specifically for the Walthers Mainline-series GE GEVo locomotive in HO-Scale. The kit features, most notably, a brand new motherboard, the WM-MB1 (PN:1617), and our New 28x18mm Speaker (PN:1717).

As with all of our WOWKits, the WAL-2 kit includes everything you need to convert your locomotive to TCS WOWSound, which includes:

  • 1x WOW121-Diesel sound decoder
  • 1x Motherboard
  • Integrated Keep Alive® on-board
  • 1x WOWSpeaker - compatible with the model

You can check out the conversion process by looking over our Documented Installation for the Walthers Mainline GE GEVo.