What's Neat This Week #144 and #144.5 Featuring TCS

TCS' Dan Mycio flew out to St. Louis in January for an in-person appearance on the What's Neat This Week in Model Railroading show with Ken Patterson! After grabbing a bite of some tasty barbecue, Dan shows off the functional prototype UWT-50 "mini" WiFi throttle in a 3-D printed case, talks about some of the features that will be available, and gets hands-on with Microengineering N-scale Code 55 track. Dan also shows off some of the new speaker options recently released and available now from TCS.

The UWT throttles truly are next gen throttles, get your pre-order in while you can and save with the pre-order discount - pre-orders are available until March 29th! Pre-order your own UWT-50 by clicking HERE.

Also on the show this week are James Regier, Ray Brown, and Ashley. James shows off his custom rotary beacon project using an Atmel microprocessor and a TCS WOWSound decoder. Ray and Ashley share some of the highlights of their trip to the Iron Spike Railroad Museum, as well as show off some populated HO-scale passenger cars.

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In an addendum to the What's Neat Podcast, Dan, Ken, and Ashley share their impressions and experiences with the TCS UWT-100 and UWT-50.

Interested to learn more about the TCS WiFi Command System? Here are some helpful links where you can learn more:

TCS WiFi Command System Overview: https://tcsdcc.com/wificommandsystem

TCS UWT-50 "mini" WiFi Throttle: https://tcsdcc.com/mini-throttle

TCS UWT-100 WiFi Throttle: https://tcsdcc.com/throttle

TCS WiFi Command Station: https://tcsdcc.com/commandstation