TCS Introduces UK Steam Decoder

TCS is announcing a new addition to our WOWSound lineup: WOWSteam UK!

WOWSteam UK decoders

Created to meet the needs of DCC and DC modellers in the United Kingdom, the TCS WOWSteam UK decoder comes pre-loaded with 10 chuff sets, 16 whistles, and a variety of other sounds perfect for UK modellers. This decoder features authentic CD-quality recordings from locations across the UK including the North Tyneside Steam Railway and Stephenson Railway Museum, Perrygrove Railway, and more. This decoder is available now in both hardwire and 21-pin varieties.

With WOWSound decoders you know you are getting the real sounds of locomotives carefully recorded, preserved, and played back without distortion or manipulation. WOWSound’s signature CD-Quality audio provides modelers with the closest experience to standing track side.

Chuff Sets
This decoder comes pre-loaded with a Chuffinity™️ chuffset. Instead of the same chuff sound repeated over and over, chuffs vary in character, volume, and intensity in prototypical fashion. Featuring a tenfold increase in the number of chuff sounds per locomotive over previous WOWSteam offerings, WOWSteam with Chuffinity creates diverse, realistic sounds to match your operations and environment every time.

All of our other standard chuff sets come with WOWSteam UK decoders too, including generic chuff sets for light, medium, and heavy steam locomotives.

You'll find 16 different whistle types available in WOWSteam UK decoders. From the robust LNER 3-Chime, to the modest whistle of the Ashington No. 5, a wide variety of single note and multi-note chimes are included to match your prototypes.

Operational Features:

  • Button actuated braking
  • Extended momentum for realistic acceleration and deceleration
  • Back EMF for slow speed operation
  • Automatic sounds when operating on DC track
  • Supports 14/28/128 speed step modes
  • Both simple and advanced consisting for MU (Multiple Unit) operation
  • Supports User Loadable Speed Tables for completely custom speed curves

Light Features:

  • Fully remappable light functions (on buttons F0-F12)
  • 20 different lighting effects
  • 6+ light functions for realistic lighting
  • Light Mode/Sound Mode function mapping that allows each button to perform two actions independently

Sound Features:

  • 1W+ amplifier for powerful sound in a small package
  • Load-Based motive power sounds that adjust automatically to the load, speed, and track conditions on your layout
  • Variable length horn/whistle sound for custom signalling
  • True CD-Quality Audio - WOWSound is the ONLY decoder with 16bit 44,100Hz audio files for unparalleled fidelity
  • A large number of sound variations to make MUs more enjoyable
  • Page mapping that allows you to control all functions with just buttons 0-9

Head to our shop and reserve some TCS WOWSteam UK decoders for your locomotives. Our first shipment is on it's way to our UK branch for distribution, so don't wait to give these decoders a try! Visit our store to place an order today!