UWT-100 Testimonials

Here's what customers are saying about the UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle!


"This is now my favorite throttle. By far. It just works, and very well. User interface mostly clear, so much so I still have not read the instructions." - MM

"Just received my UWT-100. Put the batteries in and easily connected to my Digitrax LNWI. These two were meant for each other.  Really, really nice, intuitive, and easy to use. I didn’t even need to look at a tutorial for this. Onboard help is nice. So much easier than the Digitrax, NCE Powercab, and ESU CabControl. Much easier and faster to get up and running than connecting an iOS or Android to the LNWI. Faster start-up than an ESU CabControl. I don’t want to mess with powering up a computer and running JMRI to get the UWT-100 to connect to my Powercab or CabControl. Kudos to TCS for making this." - ME

"Just received my pre-ordered throttle. It is great! Well done! Running trains in five minutes.
The throttle fits my hand perfectly and one-handed eyes-free operation is nearly intuitive. Menu operation is fast and clear making it easy to explore and fine-tune. In my opinion, this has every other throttle beat. It does what is needed cleanly and efficiently.
Thank you for such a good job!" - RR

"I finally had time to sit down and try mine. It worked perfectly right out of the box. I love this throttle! It's easy to see all of the time and effort that went into producing these throttles. It's such an incredibly polished product." - JE

"I received my UWT-100 Throttle today. Got it set up on my Digitrax LNWI. It works great and is easy to set up and use. Much better than using my phone." - DB

"I received my UWT-100 today.  It took me longer to get my computer started than it did to get started using the throttle. I'm using it with Digitrax DSC50, Locobuffer-USB and JMRI. So far I am impressed. It feels nice in hand and I don't have to worry about accidentally touching the screen (smartphone). I agree that it is a bit expensive but I think it is well worth the price. It has a very intuitive interface. I never looked at the manual." - KM

"Must say I have been very pleased with the ease of using this throttle in general and the intelligent consisting programmed into it. Picking up and dropping locomotives, even changing cabs is a cinch." - JR

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