New Arrival: Decapod with WOWSound and Chuffinity™!

We're proud to announce that our latest collaboration with Bachmann Trains is now available: The 2-10-0 Russian Decapod locomotive from Bachmann, which features TCS WOWSound factory-direct. This locomotive is also the second release to feature Chuffinity™ technology, which produces hundreds of realistic, diverse chuffs - just like the real thing. 

From Bachmann: With the advent of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the Baldwin Locomotive Works was forced to stop shipment of over 100 Decapod 2-10-2 engines originally bound for Czarist Russia. These “orphan” locomotives later found homes with American railroad companies and helped relieve a scarcity of motive power after WWI. They are now part of a new revolution in model train sound realism, equipped with a TCS WOWSound® CD-Quality 16-bit 44,100Hz decoder with Audio Assist®. This decoder allows easy configuration without programming CVs as well as a Keep-Alive® device for uninterrupted operation, even over dirty track. It also features Chuffinity™ technology for amazingly diverse and realistic chuffs and a WOWSound® steam locomotive sound package that includes bell, whistle, blow down, cylinder cocks, water fill, coupler close/release, brake release and application, grade crossing quill, depot sounds, and more.

Bachmann Russian Decapod

Features include:

* DCC sound-equipped for sound, speed, direction, and lighting control
* true CD quality audio in 16-bit 44,100Hz sound
* Keep-Alive® device that keeps your engine running during power interruptions due to dirty track or loss of electrical contact
* voice-guided Audio Assist® programming tool for easy set-up of almost all decoder functionality
* dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder
* operating headlight
* completely hidden drivetrain
* cog V-belt flywheel drive
* precision motor
* precision balanced brass flywheel
* metal motor bearings
* separately applied stack, domes, and cab
* separately applied parts including bell, whistle, pop valves, cut levers, handrails, and stanchions
* separate sanding lines
* highly detailed cab interior
* painted crew figures
* siderods blackened per prototype
* die-cast finescale driver spokes
* tender with all-wheel electrical pickup, detailed coal boards, and metal handrails
E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers, front and rear     

Performs best on 22” radius curves or greater.   

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Bachmann Decapod 2-10-0