Throttle production is underway!

We hope your 2020 is off to a great start. As you no doubt have heard, TCS has been navigating the Universal WiFi Throttle project through the maze of hurdles standing between us and throttle production. The past few months have been an absolute blur! There's a lot of excitement and energy around TCS these days, in no small part due to the fact that the final case samples have been approved, and the production phase is officially underway!

Throttle Screen

I pre-ordered a UWT-100 unit. When might I expect it to ship to me?
It's still a bit early to give a precise date. Between the processes of board production, assembly, printing, testing, packaging, and shipping, there is a fair amount of wiggle room. Some stages could take longer than expected, and some might progress more quickly. Our personal goal is to have throttles ready to take with us to the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show at the end of January, and to begin shipping pre-ordered UWT-100 units at the same time. You can expect them in your mailboxes come February.

I didn't pre-order but very much want to get my hands on one.
We are producing many more throttle units for our first production run than were pre-ordered. This means that we will have stock available directly from the TCS web store, and from dealers that are planning to carry the UWT-100. These throttles will be available for sale once pre-order throttle units are dispatched from TCS. 

Throttle Side

We are very excited to finish this project and release the UWT-100 throttle units. TCS has received a lot of interest and helpful feedback from the model railroading community so far, and we've learned some hard lessons along the way that have grown us as individuals and as a company. Thank you for your continued patience - the production phase is on!

Best regards,

Stephen - Marketing Director, TCS