Throttle Keypad Update

August really snuck up on us! After returning from Colorado, it's been an absolute beehive of activity at TCS.  We've been doing a lot of testing with the throttles and software improvements to enhance the overall user experience. One of the most important things to happen this week was the much-awaited arrival of the keypads for the Universal WiFi Throttle! We've spent months designing these: drawing up plans, choosing materials and colors, deciding on tactile sensitivity, and finishing the artwork for the keys.

Having them arrive in our shop - and looking fantastic - was a big step toward our first production push! Check out a short celebratory video below!

Our brilliant tech gurus are continuing to plug away at our new software application. Updating the Universal WiFi Throttle is even easier than we set out to make it. We've already pushed patches and fixes to beta testers, enabling them to address problems and fix bugs without physically sending their throttle to us. Please note: Secrets are being blurred out in this image, so don't run out and get an eye exam just yet! 

Throttle Update Software

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Give it a browse and get familiar with some of the finer technical points of the UWT-100.