WiFi Throttle in July MR

TCS Model Railroader July 2019

Our Universal WiFi Throttle and forthcoming Command System were featured in the July 2019 issue of Model Railroader magazine. Dana Kawala's article "A Buyer's Guide to DCC Systems" walks through the history of Digital Command Control (DCC), the evolutions that the protocol has undergone in recent years, and the future of DCC before systematically cataloging the command systems and control options that are available to modelers who are beginning or expanding their DCC railroad operations. We are proud to join the ranks this year!

 TCS' Universal WiFi Throttle (UWT) is a newcomer on the DCC scene and a pioneer in the LCC space. Engineered to work with many of the existing DCC systems and solutions that modelers are contending with on their current DCC layouts, this throttle relies on the universal standard of WiFi communication and departs from shrouded, proprietary protocols. To put it simply, this throttle "plays nice with others." The UWT will also integrate flawlessly with the upcoming DCC/LCC command station from TCS, which will be the first commercially available, stand-alone, LCC command station. LCC's robust command bus and future-proof considerations will make it a great choice for modelers who are serious about operations and have a ton of signals passing through their command bus. LCC can keep track of all the locomotive and accessory decoders you need to control - without breaking a sweat.

Poised to make WiFi control for DCC a staple for every modeler, the Universal WiFi Throttle brings a new level of convenience and comfort to handheld controls. Ergonomic design and an intuitive interface allow the modeler to focus on the important things - controlling and programming locomotives - instead of learning how to interpret their throttle and manual. The throttle is built for both operators and programmers, with easy-to-understand on-screen prompts, and innovative programming displays that make modifying CVs and manipulating bits a quick and simple process. Something this good should last the test of time, and we've made sure that the UWT is updatable. Users can update their throttles with the latest software updates and tools and in just seconds (not minutes!), guaranteeing that their investment will not become obsolete in a few short years. It's our hope that the TCS Universal WiFi Throttle is the last throttle you ever need to purchase for your layout. 

Head to your local hobby shop and pick up a copy of the July Issue to check out the "Buyers Guide to DCC Systems" featuring the TCS Universal WiFi Throttle. You can visit our FAQ page for some answers to our most common questions, and check out the benefits of preordering a throttle for your home or club layout.