TCS' "Mini-Throttle" - UWT-50

Mini Throttle

You can learn more about the UWT-50 by visiting our Documentation Wiki HERE

The "Mini" Throttle is an intelligently-resized version of our UWT-100 Universal Wifi Throttle. Though designed with a smaller profile, smaller screen, and different button configuration, it retains the full functionality of it's larger counterpart. The throttle uses WiFi to communicate wirelessly with your Command Station to control your trains, trackside devices, and other connected systems. Like the UWT-100, this Mini-Throttle (UWT-50) is compatible with both LCC and the WiThrottle protocol, meaning you can use it like you would any smartphone controller - but there's so much more it can do!

This throttle is designed to be the most ergonomic "operator's" handheld on the market, not only in the feel, but also in the feature set. Convenience in operation is also ergonomics, after all! The case is cylinder-shaped to fit the human hand, and is functionally identical no matter if you're left or right-handed. The smaller profile is easy to handle. Unlike the larger throttle, this unit has one large, horizontally-mounted throttle knob for controlling your speed, and many features. The UWT-50 will feature two buying options for the speed control knob. Firstly, the UWT-50P, which features a more "traditional" analogue potentiometer control, and secondly. the UWT-50E which uses a rotary encoder with detents (small tactile 'clicks' as your rotate).

The UWT-50 also has two three-position push-button toggle switches on the sides of the unit. These are fully remappable by the user and make operating trains with one hand both intuitive and enjoyable. 

These units bring streamlined operation essentials right to your fingertips, and are the perfect addition to clubs and home layouts with an emphasis on operations.

TCS UWT-50 "Mini" Throttle:


UWT-50 Profile


List of Features:

This is a comprehensive list of the highlighted features available in the UWT-50, and does not reflect or include all of the features found in the UWT-50.

Two Knob-Styles
Select either a Potentiometer knob for a fixed starting and ending point, or the Encoder knob if you prefer infinite scrolling.

Large, Full-text Screen
1.42" x 0.92" LCD screen with blue-ish-white backlight. Brightness is entirely adjustable for a variety of operating conditions. The UWT-50 screen has an identical resolution compared to the UWT-100.

Programmable Buttons
Two buttons on the face of the throttle, as well as two multi-position switches on the side can be reassigned to control many functions. Examples such as dynamic braking, manual notching, and higher-numbered functions are now a simple button press or switch flick away!

Battery Power That Won't Leave You High-and-dry
The UWT-50 is powered by two double a (AA) batteries, and support multiple chemistries including recharge-able, such as Alkaline, NiMH, LiPo, NiCd, and more! An easily-accessible battery compartment allows for quick, on-the-fly replacements so you're never stuck in a sticky situation waiting for your throttle to charge! (The yard master won't be happy to hear about that!) The UWT-50 lets you focus on what matters - running trains!

Multiple Connection Modes
You can connect to any DCC system using the WiThrottle protocol or a system-specific WiFi device, or communicate directly with your LCC network in LCC mode.

In-Throttle Consisting
Consisting doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating, or complicated. The UWT-50 features a simple consisting interface where users can make, modify, and break up consists in mere seconds.

Yard Mode
Yard Mode is an innovative, TCS exclusive feature designed for switching operations and control. Perfect for spicing up repetitive yard moves!

Full-Text Menus
Menus present all options in full words and phrases. No guess work or manuals needed!

Help Text
Use the [?] button on the keypad in any menu to access help text for that menu item. The throttle will call up a relevant part of the manual or simple description of the selected operation. Help is always one button press away!

Easily Update-able
Update throttle software and add new features to your handheld from the comfort of your own home.

The UWT-50 unit comes equipped with two bright white LED's that can be activated at any time - handy for finding those dropped screws and lost detail parts, decoupling during nighttime operations, and ventures under dark, cavernous benchwork!

The TCS UWT-50 works seamlessly with our Command Station and UWT-100.
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