Mini Throttle


This product is currently under development. The feature list below is not complete, and images may not accurately represent the final product.

The Mini-Throttle is an intelligently-resized version of our TCS Universal Wifi Throttle. Though designed with a smaller profile, smaller screen, and fewer buttons, it retains the full functionality of it's larger counterpart. The throttle uses WiFi to communicate wirelessly with the TCS Command Station to control your layout and connected systems. Like the Universal WiFi Throttle, this Mini-Throttle is compatible with the WiThrottle protocol, meaning you can use it like you would any smartphone controller - but there's so much more it can do!

This throttle is designed to be the most ergonomic handheld on the market. The case is cylinder-shaped to fit the human hand, and is functionally identical no matter if you're left or right-handed. The smaller profile is easy to handle. Unlike the larger throttle, this unit has one large analog throttle knob for controlling many features. The mini-throttle also has two three-position push-button toggle switches on the sides of the unit. These are fully remappable by the user and make operating trains with one hand both intuitive and enjoyable. 

These units bring streamlined operation essentials right to your fingertips, and are the perfect addition to clubs and home layouts with an emphasis on operations.


The TCS Mini-throttle works seamlessly with our Command Station and TCS Universal WiFi Throttle.

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