Throttle Update: Injection Molds

We've been getting some cool updates throughout the past few weeks regarding the molding process of our throttle, and we wanted to share some pictures of the throttle molds on their way to being completed. 

The TCS Universal WiFi Throttle case will be created from injection-molded ABS plastic. Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is especially useful when there is a need to produce parts in large volumes. Once a mold is created, heated material (metal, thermoplastic, etc.) is forced into the mold cavity and released once cool, leaving a shape cast in relief of the mold.

Before we can have a great-looking throttle case, we have to go through the process of preparing for injection molding. John Socha-Leialoha handled the critical task of finalizing the designs so they would be ready to head to the molding house. (Check out his in-depth video below!)

Now the wait is over, and we're seeing results. Much like the tooling process for most model trains, cutting the mold is a meticulous process. Check out these cool photos of the throttle mold! 

TCS Throttle Injection MoldsTCS Throttle Injection Mold

Things are wrapping up with our molds and we should have test shots in-house at TCS very soon. Each day brings us closer to release! Stay tuned to our social media and website for updates!

TCS Throtte Injection Mold update