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First Look - TCS DCC Ecosystem | Jan 2022 - Model RailRoad Hobbyist Magazine

"What's Neat" with Ken Patterson and TCS

What's Neat This Week #150 - March 20th 2021
What's Neat This Week #147 - February 20th 2021
What's Neat This Week #144.5 - The UWT-50 and UWT-100
What's Neat This Week #144 - January 23rd 2021
What's Neat This Week #140 - December 19th 2020
What's Neat This Week #134 - October 24th 2020

UWT-100 Informational Videos

Yard Mode
Powering On And Off
Main Menu Navigation and Help Feature
First Time Setup and WiFi Connection
UWT-100 Overview Clinic
UWT-100 Lanyard Tutorial

Universal WiFi Throttle and Command System

Conversation with the Development Team
Inside Look: TCS WiFi Command System
First Look - TCS DCC Ecosystem | Jan 2022 - Model RailRoad Hobbyist Magazine

Understanding Audio Assist: A TCS Tutorial Series

103: Adjusting Individual Sound Volumes
102: Adjust Master Volume
101: Introduction to Audio Assist®


ACS-64 with TCS WOWSound
WOWDiesel V4.5 Prime Mover Roll-Call
Bachmann ACS-64 Overview
Bachmann 80-Ton Three Truck Shay | Installation Companion

WOWSound - Informational

The Truth About 16-bit Sound Decoders
High Bass WOWSpeaker

WOWSound - Four Throttle Modes

Overview of TCS Throttle Modes
Mode 1: Prototype Mode
Mode 2: Traditional Throttle Mode
Modes 3&4: Semi & Full Manual Notching Modes

WOWSound - Configuration

Setting up User Presets on TCS Decoders
Adjusting Steam Sounds with Audio Assist®
TCS WOWDiesel Auto-Notching and Calibration
TCS WOWSound WOWSteam Proto-Chuff Calibration
Mainline vs. Switching Momentum Modes
Adjusting Diesel Sounds with Audio Assist®
Momentum Modes by TCS: An Overview!
TCS WOWDiesel Dynamic Brakes

WOWSound - Operation

Using the Braking Feature
Understanding Light & Sound Modes

Trackside with TCS

N&W J Class 611 at Strasburg Railroad
Recording on the SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line
Recording Steam on the Allentown & Auburn
Recording on the SEPTA Broad Street Line
Recording Trip: SC-44 Chargers in Colorado
Recording ALCOs on the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley


A Demonstration of TCS Keep Alive®
N Scale Caboose Lights and Keep Alive® (Part 1) | Installation Companion
N Scale Caboose Lights and Keep Alive® (Part 2) | Installation Companion
N Scale Keep Alive® | Installation Companion
Introduction to TCS Keep-Alive®

TCS Throttle Design Series with JohnSL

Throttle Design Part One
Throttle Design Part Two
Throttle Design Part Three

Layouts and Operation

Just Another Day at Pauldon
Meet At Clearbrook - WOWSound on the Brandywine & Benedictine
Morristown & Erie, Western Division | HO Scale Layout
The Mudhens HOn3 Narrow Gauge Layout | Mesa 2019