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Recording Trip: SC-44 Chargers in Colorado

WOWSound - Informational

The Truth About 16-bit Sound Decoders
High Bass WOWSpeaker

Universal Throttle and WiFi Command System

Conversation with the Development Team
Inside Look: TCS WiFi Command System
Pre-Order Annoucement: Universal WiFi Throttle

WOWSound - Four Throttle Modes

Overview of TCS Throttle Modes
Mode 1: Prototype Mode
Mode 2: Traditional Throttle Mode
Modes 3&4: Semi & Full Manual Notching Modes

Trackside with TCS

Recording ALCOs on the CACV
Recording Trip: SC-44 Chargers in Colorado

WOWSound - Configuration

Setting up User Presets on TCS Decoders
Adjusting Steam Sounds with Audio Assist®
TCS WOWDiesel Auto-Notching and Calibration
TCS WOWSound WOWSteam Proto-Chuff Calibration
Mainline vs. Switching Momentum Modes
Adjusting Diesel Sounds with Audio Assist®
Momentum Modes by TCS: An Overview!
TCS WOWDiesel Dynamic Brakes

Understanding Audio Assist: A TCS Tutorial Series

102: Adjust Master Volume
101: Introduction to Audio Assist®


ACS-64 with TCS WOWSound
Bachmann ACS-64 Overview
Bachmann 80-Ton Three Truck Shay | Installation Companion

WOWSound - Operation

Using the Braking Feature
Understanding Light & Sound Modes


A Demonstration of TCS Keep Alive®
N Scale Caboose Lights and Keep Alive® (Part 2) | Installation Companion
N Scale Caboose Lights and Keep Alive® (Part 1) | Installation Companion
Introduction to TCS Keep-Alive®
N Scale Keep Alive® | Installation Companion

TCS Throttle Design Series with JohnSL

Throttle Design Part One
Throttle Design Part Two
Throttle Design Part Three

Layouts and Operation

Just Another Day at Pauldon
Meet At Clearbrook - WOWSound on the Brandywine & Benedictine