WiFi Command System

These products are currently under development. The feature lists below are not complete, and images may not accurately represent the final product.

Since our founding in 1999, TCS has been dedicated to continuous innovation in the DCC market. We aim to bring modern advancements in technology to the model train market, making your layout smarter, more convenient, and more connected than ever before. The new Command System from TCS uses modern technology such as WiFi communication, offering a robust and open wireless communication solution to DCC. By not inventing our own proprietary communication method, we leave our products open to communication with many other manufacturers. Each product in the TCS Command System can also be updated over WiFi through our new Graphical User Interface - the TCS D.E.P.O.T.

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Command Station

The TCS command station brings DCC to the modern era by leveraging recent technology and industry developments. Layout Command Control (LCC) and RailCom support enables consistent bi-directional communication between your locomotives and peripheral devices. The TCS command station also includes out-of-the-box wired support for NCE, including wireless systems. Built-in mounting holes and compact design means the TCS command station can be inconspicuously attached to any layout or dispatchers board. The TCS command station is intended for use with Z, TT, N, HO, and O scales (narrow gauge variants included).

The TCS command station features:

Separate outputs for mainline and programming tracks
Short circuit detection
5 Ampere peak output
One RJ-11 bus for wired throttles or peripherals
One RailCom detector
One dual RJ45 header for LCC communication

Command Station Prototype

Add-on boosters will be available for larger layouts and clubs that require additional power; however, the TCS command station may also be used with other manufacturers’ boosters through an LCC adapter.


Universal WiFi Throttle UWT-100

You can leave the cords, dongles, and IR controls at home - the TCS UWT-100 operates completely over WiFi, keeping you mobile and focused on the job at hand. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the throttle is comfortable to use ambidextrously. The UWT-100 features a recessed rotary encoder thumbwheel, intuitive printed-on function keys for convenient heads-up operation, and a large backlit LCD screen. Our large display presents information in an easy-to-understand way. Full-text, human-readable menus and in-throttle “help” eliminate the need for confusing, long-winded technical manuals or the need to memorize complex button combinations. The User Interface of the UWT-100 was thoroughly scrutinized to ensure your user experience is enjoyable. Eight programmable buttons offer access to your functions easier than ever. Two AA batteries power the throttle for many hours of continuous use, and the calibrated battery level display guarantees you won’t be caught unprepared. When left idle, the throttle can be configured to automatically turn off, or can be powered down manually.

TCS Prototype WiFi Throttle


A compact throttle is also in development as part of the TCS command system. The Mini Throttle [UWT-50?] does not compromise on the features offered in its larger counterpart, but comes with a streamlined package and a smaller price tag. The [UWT-50] will be available in analogue potentiometer and digital rotary encoder versions. This straightforward unit will be club-focused and perfect for operations.

TCS Mini Throttle

Watch an interview with the Command System development team to get the details:

This system is slated for release at the end of 2020. Universal WiFi Throttles will be available in winter 2019-2020. Pricing and Warranty information will become available closer to release.

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