About TCS WOWSound


WOWSound from TCS is the only true 16-bit CD-quality sound decoder in the world. The sounds coming from your locomotive are the same sounds that came out of the real thing when we recorded it. The combination of our top-notch engineering and faithfully recorded sounds make for the smoothest operating and most authentic sounding decoders on the market. 

TCS takes audio quality seriously. WOWSound decoders use authentic sounds in every possible application. 

  • Over 30 minutes of sound files are used in EACH individual WOWDiesel prime mover. Other sound decoder manufacturers use less than one minute - and often less than 30 seconds in many cases - of total sound used to generate their prime mover sounds.
  • WOWSteam exclusive "CHUFFINITY"™️ A TCS-exclusive method for recreating steam locomotive chuff sounds - The most realistic steam sound decoder you've ever heard!
  • WOWSound is the only decoder to use 100% organic non-pitch-shifted sound files 100% of the time. It is common practice by other manufacturers to use inorganic, pitch-shifted sound making up 90% or more of the sounds coming from their decoder. Yes, that's correct - you are actually hearing the same sound file pitch shifted and played over and over in other decoders.  We take the integrity of our recordings seriously and don't compromise on the details.
  • WOWSound is the only decoder that stores and plays back every possible transition and notch of a diesel locomotive. Others use one single up transition, one single down transition and one notch then pitch shift it and use it over and over for every transition and every notch.  This is why they only have less than 30 seconds of original recording on the whole decoder. You are actually hearing the same sound pitch shifted over and over.

TCS builds WOWSound decoders with a focus on prototypical operation and authenticity from step one. Locomotive sound and performance adjust for minor grades and heavy loads, not just overall speed. Prototypical braking features bring your consists to a stop at true-scale speed without babysitting the throttle. We're focused on giving you the flexibility and the options you deserve, so you can spend less time programming and more time running your railroad. WOWSound gives modelers a true "In the Cab" experience every time. 

Every WOWSound decoder comes with AudioAssist®, our friendly interactive programming menu. The AudioAssist® menu makes programming locomotives to your individual preference all without touching a single CV. WOWSound is a frustration-free decoder that gets you railroading like a pro in no time at all. 

Below are some of the operational differences that set TCS WOWSound decoders apart from our competitors:

  • WOWSound decoders by default give you that "In the Cab" experience. Superior motor control matched with braking features and 100% accurate and original sound to match exactly how you are operating the locomotive for all load conditions.
  • WOWSound decoders are the only decoders to provide four distinct operational modes.
    • Auto-Notching - Part of the Proto-Notch™ experience; available exclusively on WOWSound decoders.
    • Semi-manual notching - Always active in all operational modes. First introduced to the hobby by TCS.
    • Full manual notching - First introduced to the hobby by TCS.
    • Traditional -  The way most other decoders work, "slot car" operation.
  • WOWSound decoders feature premium BEMF motor control. TCS has long been known for providing the best motor control in the industry. Couple that with the best sound and you have the best and most realistic sound decoder on the market.
  • WOWSound decoders are available in many locomotive-specific WOWKits. WOWkits are a complete and easy way to install sound in most any HO scale model. They come with everything needed to convert an engine over to DCC with WOWSound. Hundreds of installation pictures are available on the TCS website to assist you in producing professional results in all your sound and non-sound decoder installations.
  • WOWSound decoders feature three user presets. Return to your personal, customized settings at any time. It's like having three of your own personal factory resets. Quickly accessible through Audio Asist®.
  • TCS offers the best speakers available for sound decoders. Our complete line of speakers and enclosures have been carefully selected and designed to provide the best sound possible.

Installing TCS WOWSound in your locomotives gives you the best sound and operation possible in the hobby. You'll be the envy of your club when your trains perform more consistently and sound better than anything else on the layout. Still curious? Pick up a WOWSound decoder and experience the difference yourself.

WOWSound is the Only True 16-Bit Audio Decoder

Other manufacturers will claim to have 16-bit and even 32-bit audio resolution, but only TCS has true 16-bit audio. To be a true 16-bit sound decoder, you need to store the audio files in a 16-bit format and play them through a 16-bit digital-to-analog converter.  TCS WOWSound is the only decoder in the world that actually does this. 


Insist on 16-bit audio files, 16-bit processing, and a 16-bit digital-to-analog converter in your sound decoder. Insist on TCS WOWSound.


Choose WOWSound for realistic sound.