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This auxiliary decoder tester board adds additional connectors to your TCS Decoder Tester. Simply inset the head pins into the screw terminals on the decoder tester and you are ready to use the additional connectors. 

This premium decoder tester provides an easy way to test and program your decoder prior to installation, or perform diagnostics.

The TCS decoder tester is mounted on four soft rubber feet. The TCS decoder tester sets up in seconds with the simple attachment of track power via screw terminals. Our tester is 100% compatible with any command station

Additional connections included for your decoder:

  • 9-Pin JST (T-Series)
  • 7-Pin JST (MC-series)
  • 6-Pin JST (FL2)
  • 7-pin WOW Aux Harness
  • 2-pin Keep Alive® (Input)
  • 2-pin Speaker (Input/Output)*

*Speaker output is only to be used if no other speaker is connected, including the decoder tester's onboard speaker. Speaker input is only to be used if a decoder is NOT connected via the WOW Aux connection.

3.5" x 2" x 0.57" or 8.9cm x 5cm x 1.45cm

Decoder Tester — AUX Tester Diagram

1. 2-Pin, Keep Alive® — Connect an external Keep Alive® here for testing. The 12v+ (blue wire) should be connected to the left pin socket with the Ground (black w/ white stripe wire) on the right.

2. 9-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 9-Pin cable to connect any 9-Pin decoders (i.e. T1, KAT12).

3. 7-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 7-Pin cable to connect and test any 7-Pin decoders (i.e. MC2, MC4).

4. 6-Pin JST — Use this connector with the provided 6-Pin cable to test TCS FL2 decoders.

5. WOW101 Auxiliary Connector — Use this connector with the supplied cable to connect the speaker and additional lighting function outputs from a WOW101 to your decoder tester.

6. 2-Pin Speaker Connection — Use this 2 pin connector to connect a sound decoder to the speaker on the decoder tester.

7. Header — This array of header pins slips into the screw terminals on the TCS Decoder Tester. This board must be plugged into a decoder tester to work