Upcoming From TCS & Bachmann Trains

Here is a summary of the upcoming projects you can expect to see releasing this year from Bachmann Trains featuring TCS decoders:

For more information and details on these projects described below, as well as other announcements from Bachmann trains, you should check out their 2022 Product Catalog


Fourth Run HO-Scale Siemens "Charger" Locomotives

Get in on the hottest and best-selling modern diesel locomotive - the HO-scale Siemens "Charger locomotive from Bachmann Trains. Following the success of the SC-44 Charger release in 2020, Bachmann recently announced new tooling and paint schemes for the ALC-42 Charger variant. In addition to the existing paint schemes, customers can expect to see new paint schemes for the following roads and numbers:

Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) SC-44 #3110
Altamont Corridor Express #3110 SC-44
Amtrak Cascades (WSDOT) SC-44 #1400
Amtrak Cascades WSDOT #1400 SC-44
Amtrak "Day 1" 50th Anniversary ALC-42 #301
Amtrak Day 1 #301 ALC-42
Amtrak Phase VI ALC-42 #300
Amtrak Phase VI #300 ALC-42
Amtrak Phase VI ALC-42 #305
Amtrak Phase VI #300 ALC-42
NCTD Coaster SC-44 #5001
NCTD Coaster #5001 SC-44
VIA Rail SC-42 #2200
VIA Rail SC-42 #2200

(Production Version Picture Coming Soon)

As with all previous runs, all of the Charger locomotives will come equipped from the factory with a dual-mode DCC sound decoder made specifically for the model by TCS. For more information on the HO Charger project and decoder, check out our Wiki Documentation for the SC-44 and ALC-42 models.

First Run N-Scale Siemens "Charger" Locomotives

Did we say ALL Charger locomotives from Bachmann were coming with TCS WOWSound from the factory? We did? Good. Because it's true.

Coming to a hobby shop near you - the N-scale Charger! This year, Bachmann will be delivering the long-anticipated N-scale version of the Siemens Charger. Bachmann has announced that they will be simultaneously be releasing the SC-44 and ALC-42 variants. Paint schemes and road numbers are yet to be announced as of the writing of this article.

New Run Spectrum-Line HO-Scale PRR K4

The latest, 2022, run of the HO-scale 4-6-2 "K4" locomotive from Bachmann will include a TCS WOWSteam decoder. Four versions will be available:

  1. PRR #5353 - Pre-war "slat" pilot Stock No. 84405
  2. PRR #5492 - Pre-war "slat" pilot Stock No. 84406
  3. PRR #612 - Post-war "modern" pilot Stock No. 84407
  4. PRR #3747 - Post-war "modern" pilot Stock No. 84408
Bachmann PRR 4-6-2 K4

The K4 will feature TCS' new Chuffinity technology.

New Run Sound Value Line USRA 0-6-0 Steam Locos

The latest, 2022, run of the HO-scale 4-6-2 "K4" locomotive from Bachmann will include a TCS WOWSteam decoder. Many versions will be available, including:

  • Road-specific tenders
  • Vanderbilt tenders
0-6-0 Vanderbilt
  • Short-haul tenders
0-6-0 short-haul
  • Slope-back tenders
0-6-0 slope back

New paint schemes and variants will include:

  • Baltimore and Ohio
  • Union Pacific
  • CRNJ
  • Seaboard
  • Southern
  • North Pole & Southern
  • And many more!

New Run HO-Scale GE 44-Ton Switchers

New to this model - Sound! The latest run of GE 44-ton switchers in HO-scale will feature a custom TCS WOWSound decoder solution.

The GE 44-tonner will also include a new paint scheme for Amtrak - #1000

2022 44-tonners


Recently Released - HO-Scale Sound Value EMD FT

Recently revived from the Bachmann Catalog for the 2022 year, the EMD FT! An absolute classic model given new life with TCS WOWSound!

2022 EMD FT

Recently Released - HO-Scale Sound Value ALCo RS-3

Also released in the 2021-2022 yearly transition, the ALCo RS-3. A long-standing favorite of many model railroaders new and old alike, now fitted with a quality sound decoder from TCS!

2022 RS-3


You can view a video from Bachmann showing off more examples of their upcoming products in 2022 below: