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SKU: 1605 WOWSound, 5-Amp, Diesel Locomotive Decoder
The available sound set contains the EMD 567 non-turbo, 567 turbo, 645 turbo, 645 non-turbo, and 710 turbo, as well as the GE FDL16, and 7FDL16, and the ALCO 244 and 251 prime movers. 13 Prime Movers in one decoder!

True CD Quality Sound! No one else even comes close.
44,100 Samples Per Second at
16 bit resolution.

Keep-Aliveā„¢ included on board.

And many more features. Check back for feature updates!

Dimensions: 3.00" x 1.45" or 76.2mm x 36.83mm

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