UWT-100 Firmware Update 2.2 is Now Available!

Release 2.2 is a scheduled software release that adds new User Experience enhancements, brings improvements to existing features based on the feedback of our users and our development schedule, resolves compatibility issues, and fixes some minor bugs.



User Interface

  • The LCD contrast can now be adjusted under Throttle Settings. The "Backlight Settings" menu has been renamed to "Display Settings" to encompass more settings which are not exclusive to the backlight specifically.
  • Improved the performance of the thumbwheel. It will be easier to make precision movements in the following situations:
  • Fixed problems with unexpected jumps forward or backward on certain devices when the thumbwheel was rotated slowly.
  • Implemented "ballistic tracking" which makes it easier to reach high speed steps or stop the loco by rotating the wheel more quickly. The throttle will track how quickly or slowly the thumbwheel is rotating, and increment/decrement the speed at a rate consistent with the speed of rotation.
  • Added the following named functions as selectable options for the programmable buttons (softkeys):
    • Air Compressor (or Air Pump)
    • Coupler Clank (Coupler Close)
    • Uncoupler (Coupler Open)
    • Dynamic Brake
    • (Prime Mover) Ignition
    • Notch Up (or RPM+)
    • Notch Down (or RPM-)

Accessory Window

  • The throttle remembers and shows the most recently selected Accessory when entering the Select Accessory screen. It is possible to change the last toggled accessory without looking at the screen by pressing the Accessory button twice. For users who use only one accessory, or frequently use the same accessory, this feature enhancement will improve your user experience!

LCC-related Changes (Do not affect connections over WiThrottle protocol)

  • Adds the ability to display and edit the configuration settings of the currently selected LCC locomotive under Settings > Roster Settings.
  • Adds the ability to display and edit the configuration settings of an LCC Command Station under Settings > DCC System Settings.
  • Implements consist member change direction in LCC mode.
  • Updates dot key assignment in the CV programming screen.
  • Adds support for Paged Mode CV programming.
  • Prevents entering the mainline programming menu in LCC mode when the locomotive has been released.
  • Updates locomotive control to the most recent draft of the Traction Protocol. Adds support for heartbeats.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a rare crash when changing configuration.
  • Fixes directional headlights flickering/rapidly-toggling after changing direction when connected to certain systems in WiThrottle mode.
  • Fixes unexpected direction changes in WiThrottle mode when a non-consisted locomotive is edited in the Consist Menu to be set to reverse direction.
  • The throttle now always shows the current cab’s direction on the main screen. If the current cab’s direction is changed in the Consisting Settings Menu, the direction of all other consisted locomotives will be flipped instead.
  • Fixes unexpected direction change in a WiThrottle mode consist when switching to a cab that is in reverse direction.
  • Resolved an issue in the Recall Menu where deleting the last item on the list would remove the cursor from the screen and prevent the use of the thumbwheel to navigate the Recall List.

Misc Changes

  • Added a "Privacy Mode" setting to Menu > Settings > Network Settings. This setting allows users to hide their throttle’s hardware identifier from the WiFi network. This setting addresses an issue some customers have when connecting to an LNWI. See the notes below related to this issue.

Compatibility Fix (LNWI)

TCS was informed by our customers that some recently manufactured LNWI devices have connection issues. The error presented itself on some specific UWT-100 throttles when selecting a locomotive, even though other devices (including other UWT-100's) work fine on the same LNWI. TCS determined that this issue is not specific to the TCS throttles, and also impacts some mobile phones in the same situation. With kind assistance from Digitrax, this issue has been traced back to a batch of LNWI devices manufactured with an incompatible software release. If you encounter this issue yourself, please update the software version on your LNWI device, or contact Digitrax Support. On a UWT-100 you can enable ‘Privacy Mode’ as a workaround, but we recommend performing the firmware update of the LNWI device.


CLICK HERE for instructions on how to install the update