NEW Decoder - AZL1D4

New Product Announcement - AZL1D4 decoder

Today we are happy to announce the latest member to our product line - the AZL1D4!

ALZ1D4 Production Image

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.65” x 0.27” x 0.1” (or 42mm x 6.9mm x 2.54mm)

The AZL1D4 is a brand new drop-in decoder designed for the latest generation of American Z Line diesel locomotives. The design features an improved screw-down design, unlike previous designs which relied on slide-on contacts. Examples of American Z Line locomotives which this decoder will fit include the following:

  • ALCo PA
    AZL ALCo PA (1)

    (Currently, the new ALCo PA is the only locomotive from AZL which uses this chassis design)

The AZL1D4 can support up to four lighting functions. This decoder includes one on-board LED for the forward headlight with no soldering required. Optional reverse headlight is available upon request. Solder pads for two additional lighting functions are also available. (The AZL PA does not have provisions for a reverse headlight, so it has been omitted for now. You could add your own reverse headlight, cab light, or ground inspection lights using the additional lighting function pads.)

AZL1D4 Wiring Diagram

Included in this decoder are mainstay features such as:

  • Back EMF Load Compensation: Provides superior slow speed control and high performance under load.
  • Quiet Drive: Super-quiet motor control for "buzz" free motor performance.
  • DC Mode: Decoder will automatically detect DC power. You can also configure how your lighting effects function on DC.
  • Variable Momentum: Allows you to make custom acceleration and deceleration curves.
  • LED Support: This product does not require external resistors when connecting LED's.
  • Function Remapping: Buttons 0 through 12 may be used to control the lighting functions of this decoder.
  • Programmable Lighting Effects: Choose from 20 separate user-programmable lighting effects!
  • Dimmable Brightness: Configure multiple different brightness levels for your LED's.
  • Decoder Lock: Feature which prevents accidental/unwanted programming while activated.
  • User-Loadable Speed Tables: Configure custom speed curves and set speed limits.
  • Keep Alive® Ready: Clearly indicated V+(BLUE) and GND pads can be used to wire an external Keep Alive® device to keep your locomotive running reliably, even over the worst track conditions.
    ...And many more features you have come to love and expect from TCS decoders!

Also available on the AZL1D4 - RailCom® - This feature allows the decoder to talk to the command station. RailCom supports expansion for new features.


  • Continuous Current: 1.3A
  • Peak Current: 2.0A
  • Lighting Function Current Rating: 100mA (each)

Orders are open now for the AZL1D4!

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Installation process documentation for the AZL PA will be coming soon, but is not currently available.