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    This motherboard is designed to replace the existing circuit board in a Walthers Proto 2000 Heritage 0-6-0 and 0-8-0. This board is designed to receive a WOW121 or EU621 decoder and provides an onboard Keep Alive® for uninterrupted performance over troublesome tracks. This motherboard includes a rear LED light and onboard resistors for all of the LED solder pads.

    NOTE: This product does not function without a decoder. Pick up an EU621 or WOW121 decoder to use this product.

    NOTE: TCS motherboards feature on-board resistors for use with LED's. This product is not intended for use with incandescent bulbs without modification or an external power supply such as the VR1.5.

    Dimensions: 2.9” x 1.19” x .32” or 73.7mm x 30.2mm x 8.13mm
    Scale: HO Scale
    Motherboard Literature
    Download P2K-MB1.pdf (664.62 KB)
    Wiring Diagram

    One Year Goof Proof Warranty

    All decoders are covered by a one year goof proof warranty. Please return in a small box.
    You MUST register the failed decoder on our website at tcsdcc.com/warranty
    Follow the instructions on the website before returning any decoders to TCS.