9-Pin JST Harness

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9-Pin JST for use with decoders that use a 9-Pin JST interface. Use this harness to connect any decoder with a 9-Pin JST connector to your locomotive. Examples of decoders with this plug-and-play include the T-Series, KAT-Series, and WOW101 decoders. This harness has 6" (152mm) long wires which can be soldered to your locomotive.

This harness allows you to connect the following functions to your decoder:

  1. Green Wire - Function Output 1
  2. Red Wire - Right Side Rail Power
  3. Orange Wire - Motor (+)
  4. Blue Wire - Positive power supply for lighting functions or Keep Alive®
  5. White Wire - Function Output 0 Forward
  6. Yellow Wire - Function Output 0 Reverse
  7. Grey Wire - Motor (-)
  8. Black Wire - Left Side Rail Power
  9. Violet Wire - Function Output 2