Calling All Visual Designers

Great teams do great things. Just look at The A-Team. Justice League. The 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. Seal Team Six. Ghostbusters. The 2018 Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.  For our computer-savvy folks, perhaps the teams of Babbage & Lovelace, Turing & The Bletchley Park gang, and Romero & Carmack resonate with you as well.

TCS is looking to assemble a team of our own, people with User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) design experience to help create a graphical user interface (GUI) programming tool. We're seeking individuals who are willing to work for TCS products (like decoders and our upcoming command station and throttles) or those who would volunteer their time to help us with this project.

We're looking for visual designers with UI/UX experience to help us create intuitive and well-designed tools. Through wireframing, flowcharts, and general design input, they can help our back-end developers solidify the vision for the front-end GUI. The GUI will consist of many tools for updating decoder firmware, configuring CVs, downloading sounds, accessing and writing configuration files, and much more. 

We are using the Electron framework for the development of the programming tools. Any experience with templating HTML and CSS would be valuable.

This is your chance to work directly with the team at TCS and leave your personal stamp on one of our products. With your help, we can finalize our innovative vision and continue to improve this hobby as a whole.

If you're interested in joining the team, send an email to Please provide contact information, a summary of your experience, and work samples if available.

TCS & You: probably the best team we've ever heard of.