Sound Adjustments with Audio Assist™

Unlike other sound decoders that only contain sounds for the specific locomotive they are meant for, TCS decoders come packed with an entire library of sounds! Our WOWSound decoders fit in many different locomotives and have authentic sounds recorded from the real thing in 16-bit CD-quality sound.

Many customers will purchase a decoder from us, set it, and use it like that for the remainder of it's service to their railway. Others are always tweaking sounds, making their locomotives as close to prototypical as possible. 

Are you curious about how to change the sounds on your WOWSound-equipped locomotive? It's easier than ever to change all the horns, whistles, bells, prime movers, and other sounds in your locomotives using Audio Assist™ from TCS.  Navigating the Audio Assist™ menu is fast and easy - there's no complicated CV programming and no hassle involved. 

To learn more about Audio Assist™ visit TCSDCC on YouTube!