Hear what customers are saying about TCS products.


Steven Groft

TCS decoders are by far the leading decoder. They make all other decoders look horrible. The BEMF is amazing along with the quality of sound and options. The Keep Alive® is unprecedented and and their customer service is top notch. Wish all companies would take some well reviews from the owners of TCS. Way to go TCS keep the great products coming 10 stars from me.

Nancy Howe Gingrich

I have had great success with my TCS decoders. They are in mho the best out there. I continue to get outstanding compliments on my trains and most times people stop and do a double take and remark how realistic they sound. I love it. It makes the experience so much more fun.. Hope they add wheel slip to the sounds next... Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Peter James

Had a faulty TCS T1 decoder but was not sure what had gone wrong, or how old the decoder was, so contacted TCS on Facebook and they suggested I send it back to them so they could take a look at it for me. I was more then happy to pay for a replacement if it turned out to be physical damage caused by me. Well they checked it over and then sent me a free replacement! What can I say, I was stunned and very pleased! I have 15 Various TCS decoders and find them to be very reliable and versatile, coupled with what can only be described as first class customer service makes them my go to decoder manufacturer of choice! Keep up the good work and I look forward to purchasing many more decoders from you in the future :)

Bradley Meers

Have had nothing but good experience with them! By far the best sound and use them in 90% of my installations!