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WOW501 5Amp large scale decoder now shipping!

We are in the process of shipping all back orders for the WOW501.

Features at a glance for the WOW501:

Up to 5amps total power for lights and motor

Two separate audio outputs to independently drive two 8 ohm speakers

True CD quality audio that only TCS provides

Built in Keep Alive

Built in 12volt voltage regulator for consistent voltage output for lighting circuits

Screw terminals for easy hook up

Thermal overload protection built in

Audio Assist eliminates CV programming

Available for both steam and diesel

See the new WOW501 here

New decoder now shipping. EU851 decoder is MTC21 pin decoder with eight functions.

Pairs well with Bowser locomotives to operate all eight lights in the new bowser line of locos.

Click here for installation picture. Click here for documentation. Click here to order.

Version 4 of WOWDiesel NOW SHIPPING!
WOWDiesel Version 4 Introducing the
645 Non-Turbo Prime Mover

You are going to thoroughly enjoy these new sounds!

Improved Audio Assist now adjusts sounds and functions! No CV’s needed!
4 NEW Prime Movers Including: 645 Non-Turbo (Optional Dual Prime Movers for each Prime Mover) Total: 13 Prime Movers
14 New Bells Total: 49 Bells
1 New Horn. Total: 33 Horns
• Rotate Horns and bells with the press of a button. No CV’s needed!
• 5 Air Compressors
• Improved Braking and Braking Sounds
• Selectable Power Braking
• Switching and Mainline Momentum

All with Unmatched CD Quality Sound at TRUE 16 bit Resolution that nobody else can come close to!

Remember you “Rivet Counters”, Sound has rivets too and TCS counts them better than anyone!

NEW KA4 Keep-Alive™ Device

Same great performance as the KA3 Keep-Alive™ in a tiny cube form factor. Great for diesel installations that are tight on space, this little Keep-Alive™ fits nicely atop gear towers and slips right into many cabs.

See the KA4 installed in a Bowser DS 4-4-1000

Dimensions: .52” x .52” x .45” or
13.22mm x 13.22mm x 11.55mm

Check out the product listing here and pick one up for your next decoder installation!

19 Different WOWKits for Athearn, Atlas, Bowser,
InterMountain, and Kato HO-Scale Locomotives
Each of these WOWKits contains everything you need to economically convert a locomotive to WOWSound DCC with built-in Keep-AliveTM. These WOWKits fit a wide range of locomotives so check the list below to see if your engines are included! Click any of the images below to get more information on these WOWKits.
Bowser WOWKit

Kato WOWKit

Athearn WOWKits

Atlas WOWKits

InterMountain WOWKits

Just Another Day at Pauldon- WOWSound on the Brandywine and Benedictine

Check out the video above to see another great, WOWSound powered, prototypical operation video on the beautiful Brandywine and Benedictine (made by our very own Norm Stenzel).

Come see TCS at one of the upcoming shows!

Train Show Location Date
Mid-Central Region NMRA Convention Louisville, KY Thursday-Sunday May 18-21, 2017

Come see us at a WOW Clinic!
Clinic Location Date Notes

Online Guided Programming Tool
Looking to program features that aren't in Audio Assist™? Check out our Guided Programming Tool that makes programming your decoder as easy as navigating a menu!

Check Out the WOWSound Instructional Videos

Check out our Installation Pictures section for hundreds
of DCC decoder installations in tons of HO-Scale, N-Scale, and Z-Scale locomotives!

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