Introducing the Understanding Audio Assist® Series!

Join us for our tutorial series Understanding Audio Assist®. Audio Assist® is the TCS-exclusive auditory feedback menu system that you'll find on every WOWSound decoder. Many of our users take advantage of the basic features of Audio Assist® and want to know more about the complex operations that this programming method can handle. Others don't know much about Audio Assist® at all, and would like a quick and easy way to learn.

Join TCS engineer Dan as he explains how easy it can be to program lighting functions, sound features, button mappings, factory resets, and more - all you have to do is listen along with the voice commands and press the corresponding buttons. Videos will be released in the coming weeks that detail each of these operations in turn, giving you the tools you need to quickly and easily get the locos in your fleet looking and sounding their best.

Head to our videos page to watch the series, or check out our playlist on YouTube.

Watch the introduction video here!