Perspectives from our Throttle Development Team

Throughout the first week of February, our WiFi Command System development team - comprised of Stuart Baker, Balazs Racz, and John Socha-Leialoha - spent more than a week working from the TCS shop in Blooming Glen, PA. The worked alongside our TCS staff to make great progress on the development of the Universal WiFi Throttles as well as the Command Station.

In the interview below, they share their perspectives on the upcoming systems and throttles, including thoughts on LCC, WiFi, ergonomics, protocols, and more.


The command station team also interacted with users throughout the week on various forum threads and shared their experiences. The week culminated in a testing session on Rich Murray's HO scale layout. Testing went very well, and we are now moving onto the final development stages. Keep an eye out for announcements as we finalize development and testing, enter production, and prepare for release. The Universal WiFi Throttles will be here before you know it!