UWT-100 Tutorial Videos are here!

We're excited to share our first few Universal WiFi Throttle tutorial videos. In this series, we'll review basic throttle actions and operations to give you a head-start on your UWT-100. You can view these videos here in this blog post, or head to our Videos page.

In this first video, we review the steps needed to get your throttle up and running right out of the box: Install the batteries, power the unit on, and connect to a network. 

In this next video, we examine several ways to power the UWT-100 on and off.

The third video in the series provides details on navigating the main throttle menu and where to look for help if you're in need of it. (Hint: It's right at your fingertips!)

Keep an eye out for new videos in this series over the next several weeks. We can't wait to show off everything the Universal WiFi Throttle has to offer!