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Frustrated by intermittent locomotive performance whenever you run trains? Spending hours troubleshooting tricky frogs and subpar electrical pickups? You don't have to pull your hair out anymore! Power problems are a thing of the past for Keep-Alive® users. 

Though not the first company to attempt the idea, TCS was the first to bring a stay alive capacitor to market that was both powerful and affordable with the Keep-Alive® device. It was universally well received and quickly became a household name. 

Keep-Alive® technology eliminates current issues from poor track and electrical pickups. For sound decoders specifically, Keep-Alive® prevents sound interruptions and engine stalling that can occur from hiccups in power delivery.  When power to your locomotive is interrupted, Keep-Alive® delivers 5-8 seconds of additional power to keep your locomotive running through dead spots on the track. Everything continues to run: motor, lights, and sounds. Cutting power to your layout will activate the Keep-Alive® capacitor, so don't be surprised if you still hear the locomotive making sounds for several seconds. Nothing's wrong - that's Keep-Alive® doing its job!

Recently, for the first time ever, Keep-Alive® came built-in factory direct with the Bachmann ACS-64 model, which enabled us to show the awesome power of Keep-Alive® to modelers everywhere. Don't miss your chance to own a fantastic model filled with awesome TCS features like WOWSound, Audio Assist® and Keep-Alive® right out of the box!

Keep-Alive® can be purchased individually and installed in your locomotive, but it is also available with certain WOWSound decoders and WOWKits. Head to our shop or your local hobby source and grab a Keep-Alive® to experience the power for yourself.