Introducing "Whoosh!"

TCS Whoosh


Nothing beats standing trackside while a train is flying past. There's the gust of wind, the sight of cars flying by that your eyes can barely keep up with, and the SOUND. The unmistakable sound of wheels on rails, couplers groaning, engines roaring, and the wind whipping by. 

Replicating that feeling is difficult in model railroading, but TCS is proud to introduce our best attempt: the all-new Whoosh feature. We spent hours recording these glorious run-bys, and are now including them on our WOWSound decoders in 16-bit CD quality.

TCS is leading the pack with this addition to the sound decoder landscape, first to engineer and debut this functionality on our WOWSound decoder. The first decoder to hit the market with Whoosh was the Bachmann ACS-64. On this model, a press of button 4 produces one of several Whoosh sounds that emulate the passing of a speeding passenger train from a trackside vantage point. Be it level crossings, mountain passes, or wherever else your trains sound their loudest, you can Whoosh right on through.

There are several ways to enjoy Whoosh depending on your running preferences.

Manual. Use Button 4 to operate one randomly-timed Whoosh sequence at any time.

Random. Map Whoosh into a "random sound" slot (R1-R4) with Audio Assist® to hear your model whooshing through different parts of your layout, all without any additional effort from the user.

Tip: Reducing the volume of the traction motor can make the Whoosh sound more prevalent when it's activated. Some users have found this to be useful.

Watch the video below to see Whoosh in action:

If you feel like spreading the word and making your own video demonstrating the TCS WHOOSH, you might just get a message from TCS with a fun prize or discount code.

Make sure to use the #tcswhoosh hashtag so we can find you on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram!


A quick note on semantics: It turns out that there's not only one way to spell "Whoosh." In product literature, we spell it "whoosh" with two "o"s. In the graphic on this page, it has three! We don't let rules and semantics get in the way when we're spelling sounds. Here are some other common spellings of "whoosh" along with some alternative definitions:

alternate definitions for whoosh


It's your railroad and your whoosh! How would you spell it?