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TCS continually manufacturers the highest quality DC and DCC decoders with industry-leading sound technology. We design decoders with a focus on prototypical operation and authenticity from step one. Throttle controls are designed to operate just like the prototype. Locomotive sound and performance will compensate for minor track grades and heavy loads, not just overall speed. Employ the prototypical braking feature to bring your consists to a stop at a true-scale distance without babysitting your throttle. We're focused on giving you the flexibility and the options you deserve, so you can spend less time programming and more time running your railroad. TCS gives modelers a true "In the Cab" experience with every decoder. To learn more about what we do, follow the links below.


Hear your trains come alive with the accurate and impressive library of WOWSounds, all recorded from real locomotives in 16-bit CD-quality sound. No one else even comes close. Click here to learn more.

Audio Assist®

Leave CV programming behind with Audio Assist®, the intuitive audio menu system that comes with every TCS WOWSound decoder. You can change horns and bells, calibrate chuffs, change sound volumes, and so much more all without touching a single CV. Activate the Audio Assist® guide and follow the prompts to quickly set up and change the settings on your locomotives. Learn more.


Dirty, uneven, and troublesome track no longer worry modelers that use Keep-Alive® capacitors. Track power is stored in your locomotive to keep it moving whenever power is interrupted. Keep-Alive keeps your trains running even on the roughest rails! Learn more.

Proto Notch™

The TCS-exclusive approach to matching the motive power sound of your model to the prototype. Proto Notch™ is load-based auto-notching based on our advanced BEMF motor algorithm that can be user-calibrated for your layout and locomotives. Hear sounds that match the work your locomotives are doing, no matter the situation. Read more.