TCS is headed to the Railway Hobby Show 2019!

Will we see you at Amherst?


Will we see you at the Amherst Railway Society's 2019 Railroad Hobby Show? We hope so!

Some things to look forward to:

  • TCS staff is hosting a clinic on Friday afternoon, detailing the upcoming WiFi Command System, handheld WiFi throttle, and programming tools for updatable decoders (see description below). 
  • Feast your ears on various new prime movers we are adding to our decoders!
  • You can demo our new command system and throttles on the first fully-functional LCC layout ever built.
  • Get a hands-on look at the full assortment of TCS products and accessories we have for your layout and locomotives.
  • See the soon-to-be-released smaller Keep-Alive® devices and other new and upcoming products.
  • Talk to our technical support team about your upcoming installation projects and WOWSound endeavors.
  • All the face time with TCS staff that you could ever want.
  • We'll have some cool TCS swag available for purchase as well. 

Our friends at DCC Xpress Installations will also be attending the show and are offering a show special discount on WOWSound installations if you bring your locomotives along with you. Can't beat that.

TCS Clinic

Sheraton Springfield Monarch Hotel - One Monarch Place, Springfield, MA 01144

Jan 25 @ 2:30-3:30pm

Join Dan and Stephen for an in-depth demonstration of their soon-to-be-released WiFi Command System that will break down the barriers of non-compatibility that have historically divided the hobby. Watch as they seamlessly switch between DCC systems and communication protocols to control any train on any layout, all with the same throttle. See how today’s technology can be used to enhance your enjoyment of the hobby. You might just say “WOW!” 

*Preregistration is required to attend clinics. Visit for further information.

TCS Show Booth
Better Living Center (BLC) 45

Jan 26 @ 9AM-5PM | Jan 27 @ 10AM-5PM

We're excited to be attending the Railroad Hobby Show this year, and we hope to see you there!