The AS6 Decoder is Back!

AS6 Decoder TCS


The AS6 is a six-function, drop-in mobile decoder for the HO-Scale, Atlas Alco Switchers (S1, S2, S3, S4). This decoder will replace the lighting board currently in the locomotive and allow you to quickly begin running your Atlas Alco Switcher on DCC.

The AS6 was initially discontinued due to some "irreconcilable differences" (to put it politely) between our designers and the rear LED on the board. It dangled off the back dangerously, threatening to snap off at any point during shipping or installation. TCS and the AS6 decided it might be for the best to go our separate ways. 

But the people spoke, and they spoke loudly. "We want the AS6 decoder back for our fleets of ALCO S-units!"

...What choice did we have?

A mediated discussion between our designers and the AS6 was held. Though tensions were high, a clever re-design of the LED mounting was agreed to  - providing the AS6 with maximum strength LED adhesion. 

Now the AS6 is back and looking better than ever before. They're available now, so stop by your local hobby shop and pick up enough to power your entire armada of Alcos!

AS6 TCS decoder

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