Employment Opportunities and Application
Employment Opportunities
Positions Availible:
All positions are onsite at our location in Blooming Glen, PA

Office Clerk
    Packaging Products
    Document Filing
    Pulling Orders
    Collating and Folding Documents
    Mail Handling

    M-F with negotiable hours
         (afternoon preferred)
    4-5 hours per day

    $10.00 per hour
Manufacturing Associate
    Hand Soldering (Wires and Components)
        Surface Mount and Through Hole Components
    Circuit Board Inspection
    Wire Stripping and Tinning
    Shrink Wrap Application
    Circuit Testing
    M-F 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
    8 hours per day

    $12.00 per hour with opportunity for growth
    Medical benefits

Employment Application
Please fill out the application below and press the "submit" button.

If you have a resume please email it to tcs@tcsdcc.com after completing the application below.

Position: Office Clerk
Manufacturing Associate
Current Address:
Phone Number:
Completed Education:High School/GED
College (Associates Degree)
College (Bachelor's Degree)
Special Focus or Degree Program:
Other Educational Experience:
Are You Currently Employed:YES NO
When Could You Start?:
Please List All Soldering
and Electronics Experience:
(if you are applying for the manufacturing position)
Works Experience
What experience or qualifications do you have that might be helpful for this position?
References should be availible upon request.


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