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Tools and Supplies

Can't find the perfect harness in our stock? Why not make your own? Here you will find all of the connecters we use and the standard harnesses (perfect for clipping and using with NMRA boards) for all of our plugin decoders.

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Atlas RS-1 Miter Box $44.95

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Atlas RS-1 Miter Box

SKU: 3500 This specially made miter box, jig and gentleman's saw provide the easiest way to perfectly trim the light tubes in your HO-Scale, Atlas...
Tape Dispenser $29.95

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Tape Dispenser

SKU: 1670 This solid metal construction tape dispenser will accept rolls with a 3" center hole and up to 1" wide. It works great with all of our...
Wire Strippers $30.95

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Wire Strippers

SKU: 1259 Great wire strippers deigned for 22-30 gauge wire, which we use on both our 30 and 32 gauge wire.