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T-Series Harnesses

Our complete line of harness for the T-series decoders.

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T-5"R $9.95

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SKU: 1364 T-5"R is a 5" T Series harness with a NMRA plug which is rotated 180 degrees.
T-P2K $9.95

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SKU: 1041 T-P2K is a T series harness for the Life Like Proto 2000 with a NMRA plug.
T-VO $9.95

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SKU: 1046 T-VO is a T series harness for the VO-1000 and most other Stewart locomotives.
UK-SH $9.95

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SKU: 1044 UK-SH is a Short United Kingdom harness for the T series.
WH $2.95

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SKU: 1033 WH is a standard 6" harness for the T series without an NMRA plug.