WOWDiesel Auto-Notching and Calibration WOWDiesel Rotate Horn/Bell Functionality WOWDiesel Dynamic Brakes
This video explains how Auto-Notching works and how to calibrate it. This video explains how to change your Bell or Horn with the rotate Horn/Bell feature. This video explains and demonstrates how Dynamic Brakes work on the WOWDiesel decoder.
TCS WOWDiesel Clinic - Filmed by Barry Rosier    
Haven't had a chance to make it to a WOWDiesel clinic?
Check it out here and get up to speed with the WOWDiesel.

WOWSound Chuff Timing Adjustment WOWSound Prototype Operations WOWSound Sound Samples
This video explains how to sync the chuff (steam exhaust) timing with Audio Assist™. This video explains the prototype operations found in the WOWSound decoders and introduces button controlled braking. This video demonstrates a sampling of sounds from the TCS WOWSound decoder.
Rotate Whistle Feature Explained Audio Assist™ and Light Mode/Sound Mode 4-CV Programming Explained
This video explains the Rotate Whistle feature and demonstrates how to use it to change the selected whistle in your WOWSound decoder. Audio Assist™ eliminates CV programming and Light Mode/Sound Mode makes function button control easy! Learn to use 4-CV Programming to accomplish some of the more advanced programming tasks. Become a true WOWSound expert!
WOWSound Sound Quality Explained    
Learn about sound quality and digital audio while reviewing the technical specifications of the WOWSound decoders.    
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