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The Truth About 16-bit Sound Decoders
You might hear the term "16-bit sound" being thrown around when researching sound decoders, but do you actually know what it means? Find out the answer in our latest video! Follow TCS on Facebook: Follow TCS on Instagram:

WOWSound Throttle Modes Series Guide
These videos were produced as a series and are best watched in order to maximize enjoyment and education.

Overview of TCS Throttle Modes
Part 1

Hands-on with TCS Prototype Mode!
Part 2

What is TCS Manual Notching?
Part 3

What is TCS Traditional Throttle Mode?
Part 4


The Truth About 16-bit Sound Decoders

Setting up User Presets on TCS Decoders

Momentum Modes by TCS: An Overview!

Audio Assist Overview

How to Activate the Mars Light using...

What is TCS Manual Notching?

Hands-on with TCS Prototype Mode!

TCS WOWDiesel Auto-Notching and...

TCS WOWDiesel Rotate Horn/Bell

TCS WOWDiesel Dynamic Brakes

TCS WOWDiesel Clinic

TCS WOWSound Chuff Timing Adjustment

TCS WOWSound Prototype Operation

TCS WOWSound Sound Samples

TCS WOWSound - Changing Whistles

TCS WOWSound - Audio Assist and Light...

TCS WOWSound - 4-CV Programmming

TCS WOWSound Audio Quality

TCS WOWSound Promotional Video

LCC (Layout Command Control)

What is LCC? Explained!

What does LCC actually do?

Layouts and Operations

Just Another Day at Pauldon

Meet At Clearbrook - WOWSound on the...

Lighting Effects

TCS Single Pulse Strobe

TCS Double Pulse Strobe

Trolley Light Demonstration

Keep-Alive ®

TCS Keep-Alive Device Demonstration

Troubleshooting and Warranty Handling

TCS Warranty: Explained!

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