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Decoder Names and Naming Conventions
Divide and Conquer: A Guide to Successful Troubleshooting
I am new to DCC - where do I start?
Installation pictures by You, our valued customer!
Track Tread Widths By Scale
Where are TCS Decoders made?
4 Digit programming with MRC Prodigy Advance Squared system.
Problem reading CV's on FL2 & FL4 decoders with a NCE Power CAB
Running multiple locomotives in analog mode
Track Voltage
Application Notes : Bachmann Spectrum Series Steam Engines Con Cor and others
Athearn motor polarity differences
DP2X RS-2 Possible Problem
Kato SD70ACE decoder installation difficulties.
MZA4 Recall
NMRA pin out
Problem with Bachmann steam tender pick-up
Questions and Answers regarding Installation work
Smoke Units and DCC
T1 and number board illumination
T4X and T6X Ground wire attachement procedure.
Troubleshooting the CN / CN-GP
What Decoder?: Life Like Proto N GP38-2
What is the wire scheme for 9 PIN JST harness?
Ohm's law explained
About Lighting, Light bulb selection, Resistor Selection, 1.5 volt bulbs, and A6X decoder connections
Ditch Lights Explained.
How do I set up the Advanced Consist Lighting with NCE command station?
Installing VR1.5 together with smoke unit in the Caboose for S-Scale
Light functions in DC mode
New Dim feature for FL4
Opposite Dim Control explained
Violet and green wires to simulate the flashing lights of the factory board
Voltage of the function outputs
Wiring Lights and Resistors
Capacitors clipping in Bachmann steam engines
Decoder stall current rating for O and S-Scale
How to turn BEMF on or off?
Motor Momentum Control in DC and DCC operation.
Running the engine over a dirty spot in the track.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Bachmann Steam Locomotive with flicker light - Programming issue.
BEMF Information and Control
Bit Manipulation
CV 61 explained in depth......
CV17 & CV18 Four Digit Addressing
CV29 uncovered........
DecoderPro and Decoder identification
Factory Reset & CV8 Features
Function remapping
Headlight Power Settings
How do I read manufacturer ID ?
Identifying TCS decoders with CV249
M4T CV Table
Please,explain the purpose of CV15 and CV16
Programming FL4's
Programming the DP2X in a Atlas AEM7 Locomotive
regarding Load resistors across the motor circuit
Rule 17 Unveiled......
Speed Matching
The Issue with 4-Digit Programming.
Three point acceleration and deceleration curves
Unable to Program All of Your Decoders
What Is your CV values default settings?
Troubleshooting K0D8 Installation