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What Decoder?: Life Like Proto N GP38-2

Unable to Program any Decoders

Smoke Units and DCC

DP2X RS-2 Possible Problem

Divide and Conquer: A Guide to Troubleshooting

TCS Decoders Names (the truth behind the nomenclature)

Programming FL4 decoders on the programming track.

Does TCS accept Paypal?  Yes, starting in August of 2005 we began accepting Paypal.

DecoderPro and decoder identification

Coreless motors and dither

Does TCS do decoder installation work?

Where are TCS decoders designed and made?

Three point acceleration and deceleration curves with TCS decoders.

Can I buy direct from TCS or must I buy through dealer?

Can TCS decoders be upgraded to latest revision?

Bachmann Steam engine Speed Control Problem

Bachmann Steam engine capacitors clipping (one or two?)

Bachmann 4-8-2 Heavy Mountain Locomotive electrical pick up problem

Plain English Programming Guide       

No lights when using TH150DP  in Intermountain F7

About Lighting, Light bulb selection, Resistor Selection, 1.5 volt bulbs, and A6X decoder connections

About Track Voltage

About Dither

Factory Reset of CV'S

Programming an Atlas AEM7 loco

Hexadecimal Conversion Chart

Programming CV17 &CV18  values for four digit addressing

Bit  Manipulation  Programming

Kato Roof Weight Modification

Running multiple locomotives in analog mode

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

 Motor load resistors

A6X speed control issues